Music Inspired Haiku: The Day Begins

Krishna with his flute

beckoning the sparrows to

awaken morning


sun appears at window

farm-lord rises to music

choir of birds and trees


new light of new day

grunting cows and bleating sheep

distant voice calls you

*For Carpe Diem # 267; inspired by Karunesh’s The Day Begins:-


Music Inspired Haiku: Dervish Dream

mystified conscious

sacred music enchanting

the divine love found


rotating bare feet

in the light of the oil lamps

world matters no more


calling the maula

the steps taken in a trance

fearing love sustains


limbs tremble in awe

a meeting of soul with love

gilded door of bliss


constant feet moving

hands raised revering Allah

the whole being blazes


*For Carpe Diem # 261 Dervish Dream. Inspired writing from Dervish Dream by Karunesh.

Music Inspired Haiku: Caravanserai

oasis in desert

meditation of nomads

rejuvenates soul


bells of the temple

chants boom around holy fire

priest dances possessed


praising mighty lords

offerings of milk and faith

distant cloud rumbles


magic lamps lighted

a caravan of gypsies

magnetic eyes see

desert sand prickles

living in the memories

lost to the sand dunes


*For Carpe Diem # 260, Caravanserai. Inspired, listening to Caravanserai by Karunesh.