soaking the grass greener-
December dew


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The thoughts also become foggy just like these days sometimes. I remember such incidents which are of no significance anymore. They are smeared with the ink of the past, which one can’t change.
The dew of hope soaks the memories and dreams, making them appear brighter than they ever were or would be. This grass still grows within me, as December is passing by, and another year would soon be erased from our lifetimes.



a bud reaches out

conjured by the smoke whirls-

day light blows off


green tunnel of trees-

a boy from a passing bus

plucks a specked leaf


An inactive spell has infiltrated my mind and my senses nowadays. And here I wrote what I saw in a memory or a dream, when it arrived at my door of current thought.

For Carpe Diem # 507 and the upcoming prompt of Heeding Haiku With HA on Wedbesday, where I talk about improvising our haiku by taking care of certain details while writing. Do not forget to visit Mind Love Misery’s Menagerie for a variety of writing prompts throughout the week,

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Three Talking Tanka

Trail of slaughter vans

Floating through thick waves of fog

Roosters stay silent.

Headlights piercing through whiteness

Making the world glow orange.


Huddled together

The crowd of evening walkers

Some amble haughty.

A blow comes chilling of wind,

Pace slows down of eager ones.


Bells start ringing loud

Chants emerge from the within

Where they say God is.

Thinking through warmth of blanket

I hear my wild thumping heart.


I am linking it up with When I Write Tanka (Part 1)- Hisashi Nakamura.

Image sourceArtwork titled Winter Fog by Victoria Heryet.