Jane Reichhold Inspired Creations


deep snow

the horse walks the paths

of summer


pacing heart so fast

a summer day memory

frozen from within


walking in the fog

the steps that echo so deep

dark shape emerges


*For Carpe Diem Special # Jane Reichhold Haiku. The first haiku is by Jane Reichhold; the other two are my inspired creations.


Swept across: A Jane Reichhold Inspired Creation

sweeping the porch

bright prints of raindrops

followed by splashes


a silent bright noon

swept across the verandah-

moving shades of trees

*Written for Carpe Diem Special # 47. The first haiku is written by Jane Reichhold and the second one is my inspired creation.

Jane Reichhold Inspired

forgotten brook

running the centuries down

locked in rock


distant from the world

obscured by cavernous trees

a stream flowing by

* The first haiku is written by the author Jane Reichhold. And the second one is my inspired creation. Written for Carpe Diem Special # 46.

Champagne Haiku (Inspired)

Jane Reichhold’s Haiku,


the glass with candlelight



My inspired creation,

the clinking glasses

champagne glints in candle flame

wall-clock chimes midnight

* Written for Carpe Diem Special.