justice has killed itself, liberty is at its death bed

we say,
justice has

the black and white verse has been drenched
by a solemn red, rigorous and redundant in
its vitality – the heads have been held off – of
opposition, the sirens have eaten us to bones.

the neighing warrior wields a black flag inside
the quarters – purple and pallor – and gets shot
by the crowd of a blind following, lives are on
sale today, get one if you buy four, its 70% off.

and we say
we are at

mindless wandering and shameless scurrying,
we read books upside down, watch only the back-
ground, everything else has been wiped off, of
the faces, dead and cumbersome, in day’s off light.

and life goes on, hunched shoulders walk forth,
we carry each others’ blood on each others’ lips

and satiate our thirst of forced will, justice has
prevailed, and we are at liberty, so rampage on.


This is Poem # 5 for my 30 Days, 30 Poems Challenge.
Inspired from dVerse MTB where the point of discussion is enjambment.

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Yes, this poem is political in nature. I have written this in solidarity with all the writers and filmmakers and scientists and intellectuals returning the awards given to them by government or government funded organisations, as a mark of protest against the growing intolerance in the country and so to safeguard our rights to dissent and freedom of speech and expression.

Intolerance Haiku

the myths of today

intolerance against life lived

breaking social norms

* I have to confess.. I am not able to complete many haiku I begin to create nowadays and I tend to erase even those I ended up creating and didn’t like. I am more comfortable in writing the haiku related to nature or cultural symbols. This haiku is written in response of Carpe Diem # 237.