Life Moments

many moments in life,

many incidents, events,

which have left a permanent mark on you:


like that summer when night was your day

and you would listen to a song a fifty times,


or that winter when you had steamy noodles

during the dead hour of midnight,


or that time when you visited the water park

and ate more than you were capable of ingesting

and then floated around in those shallow pools

and slide down again and again, splashing into water,


or that day when you were pestered for scoring less

in a class test, you had prepared so well for,


or that midnight when you got an unanticipated call

from some one to wish you on your birthday,


or the early morning you started preparing for an exam

you have to appear for just three hours later,


or that hard whack across your face you got

for a mistake you thought was never yours,


or those foggy days when sun would make an appearance

and you would run to bathe in those glorious rays,


or the junk food you had one day,

or your favorite candy which you were not allowed to eat much,


or your first attraction towards a girl,

or the day when you verbal-battled with your teacher,


or that recess time when teacher would force you

to consume what was packed for you in lunch,


or that moment long back when some one pushed you in school

and you got a swollen lip, which pained you for days,


or your first day in school when you made an example

of your clumsiness by falling down a platform,


or that conversation while playing chess of

what the future was going to be like for you,


many incidents, events

that have left a mark on you

but now they are gone:


you can’t listen to a song again and again anymore,

you don’t like eating noodles,


water-park is a distant place which

you can’t see yourself visiting again,


it doesn’t matter to you if anyone shouts at you

or even if some one blames you just for the fun of it,


you receive no call from anyone, cell-phone is a toy,

you have forgotten everything about that exam,


you won’t bear anyone touching you in any way

and if it happens, you end up enraged and finally dripping in tears,


you burn yourself in the sun, sit facing it for hours,


junk food is not meant for you,

you eat candies but there is no limit to it,


you are so preoccupied with yourself that

you have forgotten how it is like to have a crush,


you are waging a war with every person in vicinity,

you have no fixed meal plan and you eat whenever you feel like,


you hurt yourself, you dwell in that pain,

you are fallen down already, no one giving a hand to pull you up,


you dream of future but you are hopeless about it as well;


many incidents, events

that never fail to leave a mark in your lives:


you are left with their memories,

trapped in a life you had lived

but are no longer capable of living,


those events, incidents, memories,

you see them again and again,


it hurts your eyes but you keep on doing so,

till you have rebuked yourself out of it;


many incidents, moments

that have left a permanent mark in your lives:

you are tired

and you go to sleep.


*A work of fiction, based on some real life events. Also adding the link to dVerse Form for All. Every stanza is within 140-characters constraint including punctuation and spaces(as far as I know).


“I fell down,” she told her grandma.

“Oh dear!”

“But I am alright. Children fall down often, right?”

“Well, that is what people say. But who told you so?”


“Hmm.. Do you know your pa had got almost every joint of his body fractured at one time or another by felling down when he was your age.”


“Really. We had to rush to the doctor every other month; once he got his one breakage fixed, he would get another one.”


“Now let me see if you have hurt yourself in any way.”

“No, I haven’t. It isn’t much, just a little bruise here and there.”

“I will get some antiseptic for you.”

“It will sting?”

“A little.”

“Do you have to apply it?”

“I guess so.”

She pondered for a while, “I am a big girl now. I will deal with it.”

“That is good. Now come here.”

* Written in exact 5 minutes for Five Minute Friday Prompt