Deutzia Haiku

bound together with

the fiber of emotions

white deutzias


free flowering shrub

exuberant in spring sun

blooming deutzias


aura of heavens

surrounded by deutzias

hoisted hands, eyes closed

* Written in response of Carpe Diem # 216 Deutzia flower


Look me in the eyes

Look me in the eyes

these eyes tell my story

look beyond those tears

look beyond that renitence

that appears in my eyes

Look and tell me

what you see in them

tell me what you perceive

tell me my own story

story I don’t know myself

for I can’t look

in my own eyes.

My Dreamy World

Drawing through my senses-

The dreamy world

Where there is me

And my peace,

I come across another thing

I would want in my dreamy world-

Something I have been ignoring for so long.

What I want is a nice flock of people

Whom I can love

And who can love me

And we live in peace together happily

In the world, so dreamy.