Consuming the illumination | Now I patiently wait

I tenderly move the tendons,

acrimoniously supporting the crackling bones,

of my left arm, directing my index finger,

towards the flickering flare, of a lit candle,


I enclose it… pinch it within my thumb, and

the aforementioned finger,

it percolates inside me, and I feel light,

having consumed this illumination

for my dire heart,


but I am patient

for it to make a semblance, and smolder the walls,

of the dilapidated yore, thawing me throughout,

into the wax heaps, of a rejuvenated identity,


though it would be malformed, yet welcomed,

because there is splendor in normalcy,

but our true nature relies at

what turns out to be the end of things


Image source

The prompt today at dVerse(the last of this year) features the candles, light and winter solstice as its theme.


Hotaru (Firefly) Haiku

shimmering fireflies

into the eyes of  beloved

a passionate love


old stream of water

soldier returns home from war

black tears, fireflies gone


midnight moon shines bright

hotaru glows at distance



a mid-summer day

young boys trot towards river

waiting for the fire


waters set on fire

man gazing into his soul

a soundless twilight


splendor of fireflies

fairy tale coming to life

spectators gather

* Written in response of Carpe Diem # 221

* Won’t be able to post for the next 8 days or so; going to miss the wonderful prompts.