Embracing Invisibility

I embrace invisibility of air,

and cling to it, but falling down,

unsupported by vapours and gas,

smacking my chin, squashing in and

teeth of the lower jaw, rising high

and high, ploughing into the tongue,

to let the blood rivulets surge out,

to taint red the invisibility of air,

and flush it with sinful crimson

of my hurt, rendering it visible

to my eye, because a victim I’m

of nature’s treachery, of ennui

of the evanescent air, I now

wipe away the rest of it from

my kaput lips, my persistent

psyche has me close my eyes,

to see none of matter of mine,

embracing the air in gratuity,

clung to our likeness, after

donning in me that invisibility


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begin this retribution by laying my bones,

over which you shall drive your pity,

just stroking the enamel, that which hurts,

and leaving me bound still in the lashes,

swinging from my sewn empty ears,

biding for when you will hold me free,

for the vulture beaks of ear-whisperers,

their rumors of me burst within my own,

and I piteously smile, cast a shadow,

of my curse to cut into the pelt,

of their hollow cheeks, feed their mouths,

with my shrieks that heave the mist,

burning them, hoisting their pale pain,

onto which I spit, laughing my teeth off


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This is a 100 word poem, linked up with dVerse prompt focusing on verbs. I have placed my focus on using the strong verbs which are outlined in italics. I have cross-checked them here.

And that is when I get hurt…

I ask myself not to expect

anything from anyone

you are all alone

and that is the sole truth

but I expect

and that is when I get hurt.


I ask myself not to speak

anything to anyone

don’t open your heart

for people will judge you

but I speak

and that is when I get hurt.


I ask myself not to dream

anything, not a single thing

don’t fantasize what

you can never have

but I dream

and that is when I get hurt.


I expect. I speak. I dream.

And I get hurt.