struck down by willingness,
he seeks repugnance of character, a butchering
to purge passions, a dream
to negate perception,

living behind/beyond the secure abode of knowledge,
inside the pool of not thoughtless but less thought of

invalid – but to be sure of submission –
the world takes a deep sigh
with every second bellied
by the man,

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Being a human… Being a human being

9/11- I can’t remember that horrifying day- I was just 6 then and I can’t seem to remember anything for more than a year. Yes, that is true. All my love to the families and friends of those who died- who were rather killed because of the inhumane things a human can do.

The human, I call myself

To show that I have a heart

I can feel

I have those tears to shed when I’m hurt

I call myself human.

But when it happens that human

Becomes a beast

Ending the peace

Taking the precious lives

Should I call myself human?