The evolution of a being

from the childhood’s reverie

to a grown up’s veracity

from the glimmer of the stars

to the blaze of the sun

from a small injury

to a large gaping wound

from an innocent vision

to a gruesome deed

from the world of truth

to the universe of tall tales

from a fresh water lake

to the ever salty ocean

from the protection of the nest

to the vast lonely sky

from a seed that is sown

to a pest infected plant

from the drop of nectar

to an urn of venom,

the evolution of an infant

to a grown up soul

tarnished by world

shaded by emotions

from the afternoon nap

to the insomniac nights

from the playful toys

to the killer weapons,

there is an evolution

a real evolution

of a spirit as he turns

from a joyful mirth

to an evil sneer in the end.

* Written in response of Theme Thursday Writing Prompt.


Being a human… Being a human being

9/11- I can’t remember that horrifying day- I was just 6 then and I can’t seem to remember anything for more than a year. Yes, that is true. All my love to the families and friends of those who died- who were rather killed because of the inhumane things a human can do.

The human, I call myself

To show that I have a heart

I can feel

I have those tears to shed when I’m hurt

I call myself human.

But when it happens that human

Becomes a beast

Ending the peace

Taking the precious lives

Should I call myself human?