The Hero

It was when the hero succumbed to the maenads’ seduction, when Bacchus appeared as the intoxicated child, wearing a tiara of vine leaves; a wine goblet in his hands, pouring the nectar down his throat, aggravating his thirst, as the fluid dripped out simultaneously.

“Uhhh..uhhhppp…” His hiccup resounded across the seven seas. “Come… join me… I have always got a space left beside me for the fools like you.”

The hero, who was still lost in the beehive hair of the maenads, nodded and joined Bacchus.

And this is how the gods took the soul of the last half-man.


* A 99 word story for Trifecta. The word of my choice for the challenge is Bacchus.

Oil Painting by Guido Reni, titled Drinking Bacchus.


Imagined World: A Rispetto

juvenile, a little kid prancing around

playing along with his sharp ingenious mind

treading on an illusionary firm ground,

he fabricates a hero, powerful kind,

causes him to brawl against callous people

who would pester and mock him at his cripple,

he became the hero himself, set to fight

in that imaginary world of his sight