Day 09: An Unexpected Liking Towards A Book

Okay, the prompt asks to discuss about a book which you thought you wouldn’t like but unexpectedly, you ended up liking it. A book like that would be difficult to find in my “read” list because I always tend to read the books that have appealed to me in some way, either by their synopsis or the popularity factor. I am once again going through the list of books that I have read. Let me look for a book which could fit into this category.

Well, I don’t know if I’d ever read a book which I thought was going to disappoint me. Tell me truly: who would read a book one thought one wouldn’t like? We all want to have a good reading experience when we pick up a book. It is that simple for me.

So, I am going to discuss about a book which doesn’t fall into this very category (none of the books I have read would). I am rather going to discuss a book which I read just because everyone was reading the books by that author. And that book is Desperation by Stephen King.

Isn’t that a creepy cover!?

A widely popular author; I don’t know but I never wanted to read his books. May be it was because I had heard of the competition between him and Sidney Sheldon; the latter being my favorite author once. But I finally put aside my prejudice and I read a book by him. I don’t know whether it was a good choice to start with or not but in the end, I quite liked the book.

I enjoyed the haunting reading experience which was certainly creepy. It is a story of a town which has come into the control of some ancient gods. After a closed mine was reopened, there were certain figurines found which came to control the beings who had come in close vicinity to them. The book starts with incidents of such tourists who were travelling through a highway quite near to the haunted town in the state of Maine, who were confronted and tortured by a possessed police officer.

It was a very interesting book, in which God was of course a very important identity like in many other books by the author. I liked the characters and their story of how they were going to defeat those powerful creatures of the dark.

I didn’t read any book by Stephen King for a while after I had finished this book. But later on I read some other books by him and I look forward to reading more of his work.

That is all. Would you like to share about your reading experiences of any book or even if you would just want to say hello? Please feel free and write to me; either down in the comments section or you can send an e-mail to me through the Contact Me Page.



The rusty door creaked open.

“The house seems to be abandoned since forever.”

“It is spooky.”

“I like spooky things,” he held her hands grinning like a fool, which she adored and entered their abode for the summers.

“There will be so much work to do.”

“I have called for the workers. They will come tomorrow and make the place livable for us.”

They had reached the center of the lobby and took a look around at the ancient tapestry and crimson walls in the mid-afternoon light; the floor was bare but for a carpet bathed in dust and a grandfather-chair in a corner.

“This house is not haunted, is it?” she meekly asked.

“Oh yes it is.”

She gasped at the mad look in his eyes and that cruel smile, she had never seen before. She trembled from within as some red fluid appeared on his lips and he snarled.

She ran for the old rusty door but it was somehow locked. She hastily looked back but he was nowhere to be seen.

“Oh god… oh god…”

A loud banging sound resounded from somewhere. Tears appeared in her eyes, “Please save me… oh please!”
“What has happened to him?”

She crouched down still at that very position and felt a dull ache at her chest.

Some one was coming for her; she could hear the footsteps, soft but not silent on the carpet. They sounded distant. She was in a dream world; sweaty, her entire body numb but for the sharp pain at her chest and her ribs.

“Are you okay, darling?”
“I was just joking with some help from…”

She felt a soft touch on her face and she looked up at him, into his eyes, now completely normal, gazing at her with fear or was it love, she did not know. She closed her own eyes shut, never to open them ever again.

 *Written for the Trifecta Challenge.