Empty streets

she was a fine friend,

I barely know her today,

IMed- “I will give you a call”-

certainly I will, to hear her tirade,

though it will be different this time,

she is shifting to yet another city,

like she left this one behind,

our camaraderie stranded,

in the streets empty,

bereft of her smile


I haven’t been able to write much lately. The weather, the mood and the whole mental and emotional situation along with laziness adversely affected my creative juices. And I have been very much absent from the blog as well.

The prompt today at dVerse is to write a 55 word poem and that is it.

The One Who Stands Alone

Sometimes it becomes difficult for me

to know who can be a friend and who can’t be one

I thought I succeeded in making some of them

but ended up knowing I was still alone, outcasted

for the reason, that I don’t know.

I remember I have always been an outcast-

a distinct personality, a leader in himself

with neither followers nor supporters,

the person who always stood alone, that is me

Is it good for me or not to be like this,

that I don’t know but what I know is that

I won’t mind standing alone in the crowd

but I would never lose self-respect,

never will I become your tail-

I will always stand for what I find right-

friends or not, even if the courtesy of

acknowledgment you take away

from me, I won’t mind

standing alone because that is who I am-

the outcasted one, the one who stands alone.

The End and the Arising Questions… OH!

Why is it so?- We realize someone’s importance in life only when that person is gone or is about to go.

Why is it so?- We can’t make the first move…everyone wants the other person to make the first move.

Why is it so?- I miss someone and now want to talk to that person… oh! but that person is gone in a way that the person would never return.

Things unsaid… Talks unfinished… Friendship futile…

It would not be morally good on my part to share this story but may be, I need to see what other people think about it…

A girl I met in school, a girl i befriended(sort of anyway), a girl i talked to about each and every class gossip, a girl who stopped communicating, a girl who went away- flew away towards eternity after a short period of time…

Now I think why I ended our friendship? Just because she also ended it. Why I couldn’t start anew and be a friend of hers… Oh- these questions, these mere questions- they don’t hold any importance now..

Its been 7 months… but still these questions arise in my mind……

I want to know where does the pride come in way of friendship? Why we resolute to maintain silence?

Oh! Why is it so “the end” enlightens us and makes us realize our mistakes……

That night I received the call from a friend conveying to me that ‘she’ has gone…. Just gone like that.

And since then, I am looking for these answers…. to these questions that arise and go but I know they would arise again until when I get the answers.

There is no particular answer…. no particular answer would satisfy me…

The relation- the friendship which could have been revived is gone forever- it can only be talked about….

I still have kept a diary on which we played some silly games some times….

Oh! The time has gone….. The end had to come…..

Hope… To understand

Hope… To know the truth

Hope… To grab the light

Hope… The answers would come

Truth… The end would come

Truth… There is an end to everything

Hope… I would understand

Its existence

Its beauty

Its darkness

Its Light

Its Truth…