Me-You-Our Fantasy

surrender your soul, to me

because, I want to devour you,

take you within me, to

embrace your identity,

encompassing it in mine,

every bit of you becomes me,

and I become you,

and we dance together,

underneath the moon lit sky,


sharing glimpses of hatred,

we have palpated, for each other,

and thence, it happens,

the communion , as the grey clouds

gather, consuming the light,

and you step up the stones,

to the hallway of life,

as I smirk through your lips,

and burn every sight






come on, open your eyes,

(my eye lids stark open),

it was a dream,

all those sights you had seen,

there is no existence of you,

you were just a fantasy,

a character of a delusion,

it was always me, it is I,

and it will remain so, to be…


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