Evocative… Destiny

Erasing the smudges of the past,

vending through my battered soul,

osculation of past and future decisions,

castrating the demons lurking in darkness,

amending the constitution of life,

turning the cards of destiny,

I incarnate, struggling beneath cape,

veiled by my own faults and weaknesses,

evocative poetry of life helping me breathe


* Acrostic Poetry… I was not too successful this time around because the overall acrostic is not clear through the verses. Still, I thought of sharing it. I asked Ramblingsfromamum to give me three words, which could inspire me to write. The three words given were; evocative, cape and destiny. 

Another try:

an incarnation

wearing cape of destiny

 a leap from the top

plummeting down jagged stones

shedding evocative words


Yet another try:

evocative change

wings of destiny flutter

revealing the words

hidden beneath cape of life

surrender your soul or leave

* Two Tanka.