Right2Write Prompt 2: Movie Mania

It is time for the second Right2Write Prompt. But before I discuss about it, I would like to thank the three bloggers who participated in last week’s prompt. You can read their entries through these links:- Marbles in My Pocket, MindLoveMisery and Wordifull Melanie. They have all done a great job, making the photograph an intrinsic part of their creations.

Now, for this week’s prompt, I would like you all to write anything- short story/poem/thoughts in general based on the story of your favorite movie. Pay a dedication to that movie through your words. You can even write a review if you want.

General Guidelines:-

1. Upper Word Limit- 500 words

2. Spread the word around. Since, the prompt is still new, it would take a bit of time before more writers would participate in the prompt.

3. Read the posts submitted by other bloggers. This is the only way by which we could frame a community through acknowledging each others’ efforts and sharing our views.

That is all. You can add the links to your posts in the linking widget.



View: A 100 Word Story

“And the outside view was just extraordinary,” she finished her rant finally.

“So, you really enjoyed it, didn’t you?”

“I loved it immensely.”

“It is good that you watched this week’s episode because I know it would have caused you enormous pain if you had missed it,” he said giving a wicked smile.

She didn’t get the sarcasm in his words, “That is true: I wouldn’t have missed viewing this episode for anything in the world since it is not everyday, after all, that my favorite travelers’ show telecast such a masterpiece featuring the best hotel room in the world.”

* Written in response of Five Sentence Fiction Writing Prompt. The challenge was to write a five sentence story; so I crafted a five dialog one. Still, I couldn’t come up with a really good piece.  I hope that is alright.