A Silly Story About Me

Merbear suggested me to write a silly story about me. You can make your suggestions on what you would like me to write about, in the comments section.

It is so difficult to recall anything right now when I have reclined against the bed to write. Otherwise, the past incidents whirl around my mind but I am quite blank right now. Okay, let me think.

Did I ever tell you of the time when I fell down a platform on the first day of my new school (I sneaked it into my poem yesterday)? It was nothing but the fact that I was lost in conversation with two of the guys and fell down just like that. We were walking along the edge. What would you expect?

Okay, now I remember one.

We had a free period twice a week when I was in 8th grade and we all friends would run to the school gardens where there were three swings. We always had a fight of who was going to use it first. We would set turns to enjoy it.

Let me describe the swing to you. It was those one-sitter ones with unsupported backs. They only have a small seat for you to sit on and you swing on your own, trying to get higher and higher by increasing the pace through a kick on the ground below.

Beware! These can be dangerous… (source)

That day I was swinging by the side of my friend who was enjoying on his own. There were the usual talks.

“Have you done your home work?”

“Have you ever tried to peer into the girls’ hostel?” (No, we never talked like that. We were the good guys.)

“That boy is such a bully. We must complain again to the principal.” (This came out to be one major incident of that year. He was about to be expelled but the class saved him at last)

And so on.

Somehow, my friend lost his balance and he fell down the swing, backwards. He was all right because he had landed on soft grass and the swing was not so high.

The silly thing that happened later on was that I also fell down just a few seconds after him, that too just like him backwards on the grass, with a thump on my back.

It was that in my diversion to look at him and then laughing at him for having fallen down, I lost my momentum as well. That is why I fell down.

We had a good laugh later on. It might not sound funny to you but it was damn so at that very moment because I had fallen down as if I was joined to him in a sort of invisible string. Moreover, it was indeed silly.

It is not so funny… but still a memory, which is returning to me repeatedly nowadays. 🙂



Getting an all of a sudden urge to write, I’m here trying to write. I was just reading a book “Eat Pray Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert and I got restless since the pace of the book is quite slow and I’m very impatient and I always want to discover more and more in the least bit of time. And that gets me to what I would be writing about today- Patience, a quality I haven’t embraced in my life so far but I can write about it for my benefit as well as that of some one reading this post.


Patience- I think Patience means

 “controlling the wild spirit that bestows in you and tries to make the things rushed up, it would be an art of controlling your wild self”.

  That is what I mean when I say the word patience. You might be having your own version of the meaning or you might have got stuck with the dictionary meaning of patience, which by the way I never do care to learn word to word. 

So, patience- why do we require it to be a part of our lives? Why do we want to restrict the wild being of our being which wants the things to be rushed up? Well, I like things when they change constantly, when they are rushed up. Don’t you? But still I want patience in me and many others also do want it to be a regular part of their selves. Why? Well, the simple answer might be that the patience reduces the burden of things. When you’re rushing up your life, things might get tangled in the phases of time or they might get a little destructive which makes me ask- can patience subdue this rushing up effects in our lives?- the answer of which I don’t know as per now.


Still, what I think I know is that the patience is good… yes, it is good for being patient makes you see life with a different and slow perspective. This life is worth living, that book is worth reading- hence, patience would bring forth a new mindset that would let you enjoy the life bit by bit and let me enjoy the book bit by bit. Isn’t it so?

Patience can behold the destructiveness stormy attitude you form while being rushed up. Well, I would be opposing my aforesaid statement but I think rushing up won’t bring about the so-called destructiveness stormy attitude I have myself quoted(crazy, isn’t it?) necessarily and patience can’t necessarily subdue this so-called destructiveness stormy attitude. (Ha! I’m tired of writing this big phrase) But patience can help you being patient which is an achievement of inner most rest that you can give to your enraging inner-self, well, agree or not, but there is a side of you which is always enraging- flaring up to make things go faster at one point or the other.

You can call yourself completely patient, but I know there comes a time when every one just gets so much enraged(by their enraging inner-self) that they can’t be patient any more which brings me further to my next question- Is patience a way to lead your life?

Well, I don’t think so. Patience isn’t a way of leading your life, it is just a method of easing the pace of your life which is good in itself but can be better if a little amount of patience is embraced in the life.

Hence, I am going to learn some patience, accepting it in my inner-being to subdue its enraging side somehow for any bit of a small moment, to enjoy life, to see life through a new perspective, to reduce the burden, to just let go and feel somewhat eased.

What do you think?