begin this retribution by laying my bones,

over which you shall drive your pity,

just stroking the enamel, that which hurts,

and leaving me bound still in the lashes,

swinging from my sewn empty ears,

biding for when you will hold me free,

for the vulture beaks of ear-whisperers,

their rumors of me burst within my own,

and I piteously smile, cast a shadow,

of my curse to cut into the pelt,

of their hollow cheeks, feed their mouths,

with my shrieks that heave the mist,

burning them, hoisting their pale pain,

onto which I spit, laughing my teeth off


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This is a 100 word poem, linked up with dVerse prompt focusing on verbs. I have placed my focus on using the strong verbs which are outlined in italics. I have cross-checked them here.