Finding Peace

Peace is a word, often associated with silence and meditation. I guess, one can find peace anywhere… if one is meant to find it. One will find it eventually… if one is destined to find it.

I didn’t want to venture into the political and social dimensions of this word. Hence, I chose to do it, thinking of what peace may mean for an individual on a personal level.

peace is when you feel at ease,

within your skin, in your own body,

peace is when, you close your eyes,

and exhale out all your worries,

peace is when, you hold your love,

against the cold, of the winter nights,

peace is when, you hear the song,

of crickets, in the otherwise silent air,

peace is when, you could sleep,

without the occurrence, of nightmares,

peace is when, you see a flower,

and analyze, the vibrancy of its colors,

peace is when, someone thanks you,

for you have been good to them,

peace is when, you genuinely smile,

without a care, of those glaring eyes,

peace is when, you greet a friend,

even though, you have quarreled,

peace is when, you invoke your soul,

to shed away, the weights it carry,

peace is when, you cook a stew or curry,

and its aroma wafts, into your nostrils,

peace is when … whenever

you feel at peace


peace is when, I look into the mirror,

without sneering, at my own reflection,

peace is when, I could do something,

get a feel of activity, in these stationary days,

peace is when, I get to go outside,

and breathe the same air, as others,

peace is when, I find a song, long lost,

with the voice of which, I adjoin my voice,

peace is when, I realize something,

a solution, though temporary, but there,

peace is when, I receive a message,

from some one across the ocean,

peace is when, that some one asks me,

how I am, even though we have never met,

peace is when I find a piece of art,

beckoning me, to gape at it,

peace is when, I solve a puzzle,

for I see myself, in a positive light,

peace is when, I read someone’s writing,

and get caught into, the web of those words,

peace is when, I type a few letters and commas,

dissolving my entirety into them,

peace is when… whenever I

forget about this life


I wish, a piece of peace, for me

and some more for you


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