Evocative… Destiny

Erasing the smudges of the past,

vending through my battered soul,

osculation of past and future decisions,

castrating the demons lurking in darkness,

amending the constitution of life,

turning the cards of destiny,

I incarnate, struggling beneath cape,

veiled by my own faults and weaknesses,

evocative poetry of life helping me breathe


* Acrostic Poetry… I was not too successful this time around because the overall acrostic is not clear through the verses. Still, I thought of sharing it. I asked Ramblingsfromamum to give me three words, which could inspire me to write. The three words given were; evocative, cape and destiny. 

Another try:

an incarnation

wearing cape of destiny

 a leap from the top

plummeting down jagged stones

shedding evocative words


Yet another try:

evocative change

wings of destiny flutter

revealing the words

hidden beneath cape of life

surrender your soul or leave

* Two Tanka.

Illusion: A Haibun

Illusion or reality- that shrouds my vision obscuring from me the truth that lies before me. There is a grey cover hiding a round object on the table. That object is what I seek, that object is what will give me a much-needed direction in life. I move gradually towards that wooden structure on which rests my fate, my destiny. I thrust my hand forward and carefully pick up the grey curtain, which when hurled away would lead me to the view of what the future holds for me. I am numb but I made myself see the object. It is a glass orb. I pick it up and all I see is haze and nothing else. Illusion or reality- that plagues my vision obscuring from me the truth that lies nowhere before me.

a hazy future

illusion of the glass orb

directionless life

* For Ligo Haibun Challenge.

she sat on the creek’s bank

she sat on the creek’s bank

waiting for

the time to come by


she could open her hair braid,

put away those restraining ornaments


dissolve in the waters

and flow away

to meet her destiny,

to meet

her cay.

After writing this piece, I came up with an alternate version which is like this:-

she sat on the creek’s bank

waiting for

the time to come by


she could reach out the distance,

immerse herself in the waters


dissolve away those fears

and fly away

to meet her destiny,

to find

her way.

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The fragrance of the pouring rain

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Into Deep Waters

Running into deep waters

full of yellow green moss

drenching my hair

coating my skin

crying out loud within

staying there forever

away from the clean world

where I do not belong

becoming my reality

accepting my truth

be free in the end

there in that mess

surrounded by my destiny

finally being who I am

running into deep waters

I hope I can

hope I will one day

be in the deep waters

amid the yellow green moss

staying there

I hope I will

run into those deep waters.