the view at the end of the lines

a blessing that ricochets off my chest
to fall on my bare toes, scarred and
engraved with the lines of silent sky,
that blessing is what I hold, much like
a dead flower in my palms, watering
as a futile attempt for it to reawaken.

I shut the heart inside a jewel box,
to beat unheard by lines of leisure,
it is like the peeling paint that just
won’t fall, demanding attention of
its decay, hurting eyes, I don’t want
to see anymore, everything in shreds.

there is a view at the end of all lines
that beckons all those lost leaves
plucked away from the home tree,
I am in the midst finding my way
to the chasm where it stops being
of consequence, needed no more.


For Sunday Mini-Challenge at With Real Toads. I am also going to link it up with Poetry Pantry at PU.

Image source– It is an oil on canvas by Piet Mondrian.


70 words in the flames

mindless wanderings
through the crowd
wearing corpse faces,
hollow eyes.

I see a man aglow
by the company.

He plays a flute,
his mustache
tingling wood,
my soul.

Who is he
in this impenetrable
of these lives?

Robotic movements
go on, devoid of
any recognition
for him.

He bursts into
flames, the arcs of
revival, everything

The end begins,
bones litter
the pathways
of my mind.


For dVerse, where we are writing tenWord poems, a form devised by Mr. Brian Miller. He says, “I call this one on tenWord, because after ten words no one is listening anyway, or already formulating their response…and what can you say in ten words…”
I have written seven such verses, which make a whole while also standing alone.

Image source– It is a digital painting by Saatchi Art Artist, Jon Holland.

Labyrinthine Life: A Haibun

Sometimes you find yourself abandoned, lost- suffocating in the labyrinthine arms of life. There is no way you could get out of it, but one last option you have been thinking of lately; still unable to decide if you are capable of enacting upon it. I have thought a lot many times of how it would feel to be falling down a building… what all thoughts would go through the mind, what all emotions would shroud over those dead eyes.

falling down

unfathomable feelings


Or would it be just numbness; I don’t know of it but I can imagine as I try blindly, moving here and there so that something magical could happen to bring me to where the string is present of destiny… so that I could untangle it because it is definitely messed up right now.

string of destiny

solution for labyrinth

still unfound

And I fall down somewhere in the darkness. Now I sit looking at nothing, feeling nothing, but still with that wish for a magical transformation of what has been bestowed to me by my life.

labyrinth of life

wait for that magical spell

feeling of nothing


Photo source