Kid: A 100 Word Story

“We have reached the graveyard. But will you now tell me why have we come here?”

“Wait for a while and you will know.” He entered the graveyard.

He had reached quite ahead when the other fellow jogged to him, “Where are we going?”

“Why, to pick someone…” He guffawed.

“Don’t be sinister buddy and tell me.”

He had by then stopped near a grave.

“Why have you stopped, who is buried here?”

He ignored the question and picked up the kid standing solemnly behind the grave into his arms, “I have come to get him, meet Rosie’s kid goat.”

Copyright – Randy Mazie

*For Friday Fictioneers Writing Prompt.


Writing.. No, let’s do some Internet first!

Me: Write, write, write.. Write down something.

After 2 minutes,

Me: Let’s look up for some inspiration on the internet.

After 2 hours,

Me: Oh crap! I have to write a story for the project today.

After 5 minutes,

Me: Why am I not able to write anything?

After half an hour,

Me: After writing these few paragraphs, I do not know how to move ahead with it.

After a few seconds of pondering and worrying,

Me: I am irritated. Let’s write a haiku. No, let’s see the prompt of the day at Carpe Diem. I will work on it. Okay, so today’s word is Fortitude. Okay, let’s work on it.

After 5 minutes,

Me: Nothing. Blank. What is happening with me?

After 10 minutes, merely writing a haiku or so,

Me: It is the worst I could have done. Let’s do something else after saving it as a draft.

After an hour,

Me: Evening time, pleasant weather.. Let’s go for a walk.

After coming back,

Me: Haven’t written anything substantial today. Hmm.. well, I wrote an extra story yesterday. Let’s refine it. No, let’s do some internet first.

Opens up the wordpress account and writes this post.

And here I am right (I need to write) now, irritated, frustrated and hungry, which I am very often nowadays.

It was a few years back…

It was a few years back

that people used to

call me an orator-

the one really eloquent

in conversation, the one

who can talk with any one

and today I find myself

at a path where

I find it difficult to

even talk to myself.

It was a few years back

when I was confident,

always striving to be a leader

and see today I find myself

cowering behind,

wanting some one else

to take the responsibility

while I just see it

from the back.

How time changes

and how much I have


how much my life

has changed me.