You drink from me, satiating your own thirst

you drink from me,

drown yourself in my waves,

you seek taste

of my crimson beauty,

you love me, you fear me-


I am a flask of nectar

mingling with sweet poison,


woven strands of piercing thorns,

flowers residing in midst,


I am the mountain river,

fresh as a lamb,

sacrificed with the salinity of the sea,


you breathe deep as you find me within

you are breathless when you know me,


I am the cold dewy grass you walk on,

I am the warm quilt of the winters,


I bathe in never confessed desires,

I wear the robe of forgetfulness,


your body stiffens when I penetrate your soul,

your limbs tremble when I enter your veins,


I am everything you wanted

I am the thing you flinch from acknowledging,


I blaze the night with erect flames,

wasted away in a daze,


I reigned over you, you were weak,

I am your master, you are my slave,


feathers flying away in morning light,

brings you awake and I let you go

for now you know me

as the one with a lustrous shine,


you would vow to stay clear from me

but I am the sorceress who

entwines blinding traps,


I will find you, and you will find me,

I am the fleece you need

to satiate your own thirst,


I let you go, but I will return

with my luminescent stature,

and you will be welcoming me.


*For dVerse. I am not so good in devising riddles. Here, this whole poem is a single riddle. I am not mentioning the answer anywhere, not even in the title. You have to look for it yourself. May be it is clear or may be it is not. Oh! well, it is so simple. I would though give you a hint, which is that I have mentioned the answer directly or indirectly twice in these verses.


Fireworks Tan Renga

after fireworks

the silence is clearer

darkness is deeper


eyes look upon the dark sky

awaiting another blaze

* Written in response of Carpe Diem’s Tan Renga Challenge # 4.

* The intriguing haiku is written by Bjorn Rudberg. The challenge was to write a couplet, two verses of 7 syllables each, complimenting the haiku.

Here is another one,

after fireworks

the silence is clearer

darkness is deeper


ears keep on buzzing with sounds

eyes glisten with faded light


The evolution of a being

from the childhood’s reverie

to a grown up’s veracity

from the glimmer of the stars

to the blaze of the sun

from a small injury

to a large gaping wound

from an innocent vision

to a gruesome deed

from the world of truth

to the universe of tall tales

from a fresh water lake

to the ever salty ocean

from the protection of the nest

to the vast lonely sky

from a seed that is sown

to a pest infected plant

from the drop of nectar

to an urn of venom,

the evolution of an infant

to a grown up soul

tarnished by world

shaded by emotions

from the afternoon nap

to the insomniac nights

from the playful toys

to the killer weapons,

there is an evolution

a real evolution

of a spirit as he turns

from a joyful mirth

to an evil sneer in the end.

* Written in response of Theme Thursday Writing Prompt.