but I am wicked

“but I am wicked”: I tell him and he roars
in laughter, the sky sheds silver lights
and marigolds sweep away the stench
of my embarrassing gait, I see through
the hysterical haze, to miss the worlds
of yesterday, a remiss creeper binding
me into the shrubbery devoid of sight.

to be able to speak or to be mum, to
file a memory into my eyes like a rich
embroidery woven, or to defile desires
that have a demurring allure to them,
I, he can not feel my pulse, metrical to
the sound of his voice, I repulse him
by the veracity of this hollow heart.

he is the me of days gone, yet to come.

*For With Real Toads.

Image source (“The Good Fight” by Scott Saw)

Harry Potter’s Last Battle

A thought just struck my mind. Harry Potter’s last fight is all wrong. Now before you start cursing me or screaming at the absurdity of my thoughts, let me explain why I think so.

I guess you would all agree with me that Harry wins in the end because he comes out to be the real master of the Elder Wand. And the reason behind that, what Harry informs Voldemort, is:

a. The Elder Wand belonged to Dumbledore who won it after defeating Grindelwald.

b. Draco Malfoy won it from Dumbledore.

c. Harry overcame Draco at Malfoy Manor. And thus, Harry comes out to be the rightful owner of the wand.

But what we all are forgetting is that Harry was also overcome in a fight. Remember when Harry goes to sacrifice his life in the Forbidden Forest, Voldemort curses him with the killing curse Avada Kedavra.. It is another thing that Harry does not die. But at least, he was overcome, he was defeated by Voldemort.

So, what shall that mean? Voldemort is the true owner of the Elder Wand. That would mean the Elder Wand wouldn’t have rebounded the killing curse on Voldemort and thus, it must have hit Harry. And hence, Harry couldn’t have survived his last battle. Though all the horcruxes met their end, but the essence of the soul of Voldemort that still existed in his body still would have remained there.

What do you think of it!?

I see it this way. You may counter argue that Harry was not disarmed, the hawthorn wand stayed with him, tucked safely in his cloak. But does that hold significance compared to the fact that Harry was actually beaten by the Dark Lord?

Do share your views about my theory.

Note: I am considering the story of the book here, not the adapted one of the movie.

This picture is damn good..

Imagined World: A Rispetto

juvenile, a little kid prancing around

playing along with his sharp ingenious mind

treading on an illusionary firm ground,

he fabricates a hero, powerful kind,

causes him to brawl against callous people

who would pester and mock him at his cripple,

he became the hero himself, set to fight

in that imaginary world of his sight

opposite twins

opposite twins

residing in a dark alcove,

guarded by demonic angels

fighting for eternity;


the first calls for light

to enter the chamber

and is ready to traverse

along the labyrinth of emotions;


the other one ceases the struggle,

unspoken, move towards

the darkest part of the prison

and glare at his other half-


better or not,

with those dead eyes;

the former shrugs in response

and go to join the worse division;


some time will pass out

and another battle would surge

between the two brothers,

rooted in the same soul.

* Written in response to the dVerse Writing Prompt