a cat’s person


who are you? where did you come from?
your claws dig for the skin beyond the skin.
wagging your tail, you seem to know things,
hear and see and feel all that i want to hear
and see and feel —

you are a monk, every morning spent
in soulful reflection over your own
lithe form, licking the underbelly,
washing away the filth and dirt
of this uncouth world.

you are Mao, your war for space
is without bloodshed (your politics
is shed), you are in a random chase
for what does not exist. you are the one
i think who would kill me in my sleep.

you are Amma, the protector of this realm,
fighting fleas-like-people (thy servants),
birthing new dreams, you are this creative
spirit, it is in consonance with the stars
that you make all the clouds go away.

i seek to understand you, become you,
all of you, each one of you, i want
to forget who i am and exhaust all
my nine lives to unknow
where i came from.

© Anmol Arora

Image source: Dali Atomicus, Salvador Dalí and Philippe Halsman (1948)
Linking it up with my post at dVerse Poetics where I have shared some cat-chy poems and prompted the poets to write on all things feline

14 thoughts on “a cat’s person

  1. I really love how you wrote this is second person, making me reflect how much a of a cat person I am (and sometimes wish to be)… maybe for many cat persons it’s an ideal, while deep inside there is a canine wagging its tail.


  2. I like your reflections on cat-dom. I’d like to be a cat for just one day to feel that lightness and litheness of furred form that can do a vertical leap and see owls in the dark.


  3. Warm and playful, and at the same time, deep and reflective. This is excellent Anmol. Captures the alluring mystery of cats. Captivating write! Love that Dali image!! 😉


  4. Glenn A. Buttkus says:

    Excellent illustration for your prompt. You capture the essence of AllCats, with the interaction from one. So freaky to hear a lion or tiger purr, breaking apart any cuteness one might have attributed to domestic felines.


  5. BoardFlak says:

    I would be tempted to say that cats switch their tails and don’t wag them, except that we had one cat who was very much a tail-wagger.


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