of a broken time

this evening’s hands are tied
to a clock ticking away
in perpetuity,

as there are countless soil kernels,
all residing in a (p)inch of land
for me,

there are countless evenings,
all lined up in the curve-length

the uni-
verse & (t)here.

perhaps the clock is broken.
perhaps i am writing to a time
that never occurred.

© Anmol Arora

Day 19
(Inter)National Poetry Month


5 thoughts on “of a broken time

  1. Mentje says:

    Awesome writing! And wat a coincidence! I thought about the miracle that is time today at work and wondered of I could write a poem about it, but you beat me to it! Now I’m affraid to write a poem about it. Because it would probably suck compared to yours 😅


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