a jazzin’ kind of night


© Anmol Arora

free-handed percussions — nightly detours
into amatory affairs — touch and wiggle —

the ambient smell of stale booze, fresh-smokes
on their breaths, a chandelier dripping with light,
bursting and blooming into the eyes,

sax and guitar, reverberating desires, up and loud —
the head nods that leave no room for improvisation.

the fingers find their way to the sequestered spots,
recognizing the rising heat in the night-time breeze,

my nips attentive to words grazed against my neck
along the sternocleidomastoids (the tumescence and
detumescence palpable in a cloth traveled melody) —

the blues rise in a leaf-like cadence, my heart palpitates
to the response of my thighs (shuttered, caving all within) —

freehanded percussions, nightly detours that settle
all that rises, as the lights expand in a cross-rhythm,
chaotic, high-rising, groping, grabbing, pulling, spilling,

tinkling down my spine.


© Anmol Arora 2018

For With Real Toads’ Notebook Poetry: I do not know if my writing is even comprehensible — I do write in my notebook at times but mostly it’s when there is a rush of a particular thought or experience and I have to jot it down — so my pen glides all over the page in its need to capture all of it in a jiffy before it extinguishes to nothing — I have taken my time in penning this one down after typing it primarily with a few non-intrusive edits. Ha! As for the poem, I have used the precise terms for a particular reason which delves into the biological aspect, to distance it from desire or want. Hope it doesn’t hinder the experience.
Also linking it with the Poetry Pantry at PU.

I have been working on a new Insta handle for about 2 months now, for literary and creative posts: @anmol.ha.
For contact, you can reach out to me through my multiple profiles, enlisted here.


41 thoughts on “a jazzin’ kind of night

  1. You have such neat handwriting, Anmol, and you’ve captured the ambience of a ‘jazzin’ kind of night’ in such lines as:
    ‘the ambient smell of stale booze, fresh-smokes
    on their breaths…’;
    ‘sax and guitar, reverberating desires, up and loud —
    the head nods that leave no room for improvisation’;
    and the repetition of ‘freehanded percussions’.

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  2. Gorgeous poem, thrilling music! My own spine now has shivers going up and down it.

    My handwriting is atrocious, always has been. But somehow the thought of a notebook poem is intriguing; might do one too. (Would probably have missed the prompt if you hav\n’t also shared with the Pantry, so thanks.)

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  3. You’ve put me right into the middle of this experience, Anmol. I can hear the music in your words. Wonderful metaphors. This is one of my favorite poems of yours really. I agree you have neat handwriting. Seems handwriting is a lost art here…not stressed at all.

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  4. Kerry says:

    Anmol, you have beautiful handwriting! So artistic. This is a deeply layered and textured poem, with the senses given an overload of imagery.

    I will admit that on first reading I thought your line was ‘Sex and guitar’… but sax works just as well


    Thank you for sharing your notebook page.

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    • Pat: willow88switches says:

      I read it the same too …. so either we all have “dirty minds” … LOL – or it just infuses itself so well for the natural exchange and ambiance here 😉

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      • Ha! I thought I had the dirty mind with all the signals and sights of tumescence. XD

        Well, such an atmosphere has a palpable sexual energy in it, felt and enjoyed in its own sheltered experience. I certainly enjoyed my evening at the jazz club! I am rather glad that it could be a part of the verse. 🙂

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        • Pat: willow88switches says:

          snorting with absolute delight! LOL – actually, maybe we’re all just closet hedonists 😂

          actually, such atmospheres usually are chalk full of all kinds of tensions and energies, including the sexual and perhaps, even instinctual, primal ones, – so why not explore it through verse? it’s part of life in all its fantabulous colours … 😉

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  5. gillena cox says:

    Oh i could never write like that. Your penmanship is excellent. And so are your words
    Particularly luv this:
    ” a chandelier dripping with light,”
    Happy Sunday Anmol

    Much love…

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  6. sanaarizvi says:

    I somehow always knew and visualized your handwriting to be wonderfully artistic! ❤ This poem sends shivers down my spine .. the images are vivid and puts one right in the middle of the painted scene!

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    • Ah! That is very kind of you to say. I have a scrawny handwriting when it has to be done hurriedly. I took more time in penning this down to make it more neat and clear. Ha!
      I am glad that you found it vivid. Thanks, Sanaa! ❤


  7. First, you penmanship is beautiful as is your poem. I love the musical notes and the sound of a sax is the heart of the blues.

    love this part

    the blues rise in a leaf-like cadence, my heart palpitates
    to the response of my thighs (shuttered, caving all within) —

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  8. OMG the language in this piece!! I absolutely love it. I have no intention of looking up those words I don’t know because I love how they feel unknown and rhythmic. Really great. Live music really feels like this… intimate and profound and full of desire. Gosh I love this. Love the photo of your written poem on your notebook page too, it is just perfect, though your handwriting is way more restrained than the scene it describes. 🙂

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    • That is so very kind of you to say, Marian. Thank you! ❤
      Live music indeed has all those kinds of intimacies and profundities that make for an intrinsic part of its experience.
      I am glad that you liked the photo too — I wrote it with restraint after all. Ha! XD 😉

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    • Pat: willow88switches says:

      I agree with Bjorn – Blues really lends itself to that “groove thang” … it’s like an instinctual let loose primal barefoot shake down …. so the way you’ve woven it all together is most apropos HA. 🙂

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  9. Hearing and feeling music…this is a glorious and sensual poem. I love the sax and guitar and the way your nipples reacted. Your handwriting is so clear and readable. Mine looks like a drunken rat staggering through ink. this is mos def one for the books Anmol. Loved it.

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    • Ha! I chortled at the drunken rat reference. I am sure that it is totally comprehensible. We don’t need written text anymore, not really. It is only from a nostalgic eye that we look up to them now.

      Thank you for your kind words, Toni! ❤


  10. You said it all with that sternocleidomastoidal! That is the tensile of jazz nights, for sure — “chaotic, high-rising, groping, grabbing, pulling, spilling, / tinkling down my spine.” I memorized the name in that muscle when I was in third grade because it was the longest one one I could find; I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it in a poem before, but then you never quite know what’s gonna come out the sax.

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  11. Very cool. Some lovely linger-worthy lines in this – cascading to an awesome (and really, rather brilliant) close. A stunning coming together of visceral sensuality and music – which, of course, is at the heart of jazz.

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  12. Pat: willow88switches says:

    I think you’ve pulled off so much of the essences and layers, the grit for the groove of jazz and blues …. it’s a body;s reaction – from the actual musicality of those playing, to those listening in hypnotic sway ….

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  13. Margaret Elizabeth Bednar says:

    Very exciting and intimate a poem… I love the way it describes the music but also leads the mind to other things… Magnificently done! And your hand writing is artistic and expressive.


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