october harvest


full — filling

the kettle boils over, steam
wafts over the pressure cooker,
lights blooming against
an old, knowing darkness,

i pick the depth of my bones,
figure the way around this garden
— a home – complete – almost —

cornucopia days and directions
bursting free, the breaking of an abundant
repository of tradition and belief —


so i pick the other half —
a bottomless vessel, pitless fruit,
spilled over milk,
dried-up leaves,
and a toothpick-sized
awareness, of all that is.

© Anmol Arora 2018

Image source (Cornucopia#1 by Lidia Kaminski)
For Midweek Motif at PU
Edit: Also linking it up with dVerse OLN

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31 thoughts on “october harvest

  1. The “toothpick-sized awareness” was striking; it took me back to the scripture about having faith the size of a mustard seed.

    Its important to be in tuned with self and trust instincts

    Happy you dropped by my blog today Anmol

    much love…

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  2. With so much almost fullness, it was scary for me to step out and break free, but I had to, and this narrator does too. It’s not a matter of “the grass being greener on the other side,” but a matter of the unknown in front of an adventurous soul. That, and the certainty that what we know is only “a toothpick-sized
    awareness, of all that is.” I am under the spell of the song, too.

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    • Ah, I am glad that you liked the song. I have lately been listening to a lot of tracks of this folk artist — the earthiness and empathy in his voice and words are so rarely found.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Susan! What we know from our vantage point is indeed so small. 🙂


  3. Pat: willow88switches says:

    and a toothpick-sized
    awareness, of all that is

    ohh… now this is delicious … and what an ending! and my brain is on word fuzz today, so I’m not going to expand right now, lest I stick my feet in it ….

    but yes, oh, how interesting is this poem? yes, plentiful indeed. some absolutely fantastic images and counterpoint tensions here …. really good stuff.

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    • Pat: willow88switches says:

      and I had to come back and add: this stanza –

      i pick the depth of my bones,
      figure the way around this garden
      — a home – complete – almost —

      I really like the “slight” disconnect and disjointedness this phrasing offers, despite the idea of fullness. It’s word perfect in body.

      yes, yes … I really like it so much.

      and just a question, if you might wish to answer: curiosity most always forces me to ask: why “small letter “i” “?
      purposefully used, I’m guessing – to suggest other than? first person narrative voice; the non-ego driven “I” …..
      I always wonder … so I ask,
      if you wish to answer, which is fine if you don’t … 🙂

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      • Thank you for such a thoughtfully written comment, Pat. I am so glad that you liked the ending and the tension right in the middle of it all. ❤

        The disjointed nature of that stanza is resulting from how I read it out loud before writing; the pauses and the breaks suggesting both a question as well as its realization, in its own time, one after another — is this what we call home? complete/full in its entirety?— maybe, or maybe not, or almost.

        Ha! Of course, I do not mind telling about the usage of “i” instead of “I”. Like you yourself mentioned, it is at once a deliberate attempt for a non-egotistic participation in the creative process; it is also a way of setting the “I” or the “self” as an object in this mechanism, a narrative attribute without any emphasis on its own voice but rather its relation with the other components, be it the ongoing tension or struggle or pain. The upper-case alphabet appears and sounds to me as a powerful representation of the psyche which I would rather use when my focus is on that kind of a result or expression. Also, it has simply become a stylistic representation. Call it a habit or a common modality, though not necessarily a very productive one. I don’t know if it makes sense. 🙂

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        • Pat: willow88switches says:

          the “disjointed” is really effective – it translated very well to page/screen 😀 it’s not always easy to suggest the stop, pause, reflect aspect of thought in the middle of action, but you’ve pulled it off really well imo.

          Your explanation about “I” vs. “i” makes perfect sense to me; it was as I was thinking regarding the process of whether to “I” or “i” … LOL 😂 thanks for sharing, you’ve satisfied the curiosity.

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  4. The last stanza is amazing Anmol. It almost reads like a list of reqrets. The toothpick sized awareness…I think we all walk around with blinders on until something jabs us awake and we actually see – sort of like that small sharp toothpick.

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  5. “— a home – complete – almost —” A little bit short of abundance always. Such feelings make me want me go out outside every opportunity I get. We need that “toothpick-sized / awareness”….

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  6. sanaarizvi says:

    This is my new favorite from you! ❤️ The way the poem flows describing the journey of the speaker from “cornucopia days” to “breaking of an abundant
    repository of tradition and belief ” is heart-stirring. It reminds us that we don’t necessarily need to follow tradition in order to be appreciated amongst others. Some of us are born to defy the rules and ways of the world .. and to create a difference in this world. And that song.. gosh.. is like a cherry on top 🙂 strong and beautiful writing, Anmol! ❤️


  7. I admire the shift in perspective from the first part, over full ness, then to the second part of a bottomless vessel, pitless fruit. That awareness may be tooth picked size but it tingles through.

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  8. The way of the familiar and the known is home, yet the abundance is ever outside, beyond the rim, in the greater half of the unknown. Great balancing here of those spheres in the artist’s work.

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  9. mhmp77 says:


    It gives an an almost a perfect picture of reacting positively in a balanced manner to what one is faced with at home. Sometimes there is a need not to act brash with anger but saintly as depicted here. Well balanced and well penned HA!


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  10. Such haunted questions in that word “almost”. It holds a Sisiphyian infinity inside it, and yet my friend… could it be that a bottomless vessel may eventually turn out to be an endless well, a miraculous pitcher of possibilities? I think it is relevant to realize that each one of us has been institutionalized in the Sartrian sense, our beginnings and our milieu May rob us of ourselves, and so are entire collective awareness exists in a time and room much smaller than a toothpick compared to the expanse of all that is, but what a miraculous toothpick- just a single one holds more awareness than all that empty space, and we have 6 billion of those toothpicks rattling around together down here! You are a wonderful pick my friend, with such a toothpick as you, I pray you may take a long delicious abundant bite out of this little beautiful world. 💜💜💜 this cornucopia. Lona

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    • Dear Lona, your comment made me smile after a rather difficult last few days. Your words make me wonder and think of both the infinite and the infinitesimal possibilities of being. The lack of awareness may be awareness unto itself — when life doesn’t have a meaning or purpose, we are still trying to salvage something out of this experience — we as poets and writers and artists in whatever capacity create entire worlds of our own reckoning. I love the idea of that miraculous pitcher.

      Thank you so much for your kindness and compassion, my friend. It means a lot! ❤

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  11. Your poem suggests that we, in our cornucopia of thoughts and bones, individually, cannot achieve what we are here on earth to achieve. There is something more, call it faith or dried-up leaves, that must carry us into the vast unknown (well, ALMOST unknown — that “almost” is key, isn’t it?) where we will be at peace and complete. And the song. I remember he used to play at the coffee shop a block away from my college apartment over ten years ago. The coffee tried to do what it does but Isakov’s singing had an opposite, stronger pull on us. “Sit. Slow. Stay awhile or forever.”

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    • Thank you for your insightful interpretation! ❤
      Something more, almost, et al. keep us going and aspiring for a better understanding at least. I wonder what it would mean to be complete. 🙂

      How wonderful that you would hear him sing at the coffee shop! Thanks for sharing your experience.

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