a line breaks from a poem,
worded in the waning wonder of
a vanquished want,

runs through my palm,
resting against the hollow of
my ache — controlled —

measuring ounces of comfort,

my nights in an oblivion-obvious pause…

…picking up the pace,
keeping on.

© Anmol Arora 2018

For dVerse Quadrille
Image source (The Pause of Unknowingness by Dan Crossley)


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18 thoughts on “line-break

  1. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Damn fine use of the prompt–and I love the abstract painting. For me it is primarily the line breaks that differentiates prose from poetics. The descriptions of our creative process were fun too.


  2. Love how you described line break – harboring pause and then moving on. To exercise restraint and control over one’s writing, speaks of an experienced pen. A creative response to the prompt HA!!!


  3. Wonderful wordplay, Anmol, especially in the opening line, which could be the beginning of an intellectual joke, but launches into alliterative flight with:
    ‘worded in the waning wonder of
    a vanquished want’.
    I love the phrase ‘resting against the hollow of my ache’.


  4. sanaarizvi says:

    This is beautifully haunting! ❤️ Somehow those “line breaks from a poem” remind me of the lines on one’s palms.. which denote the purity and strength of the soul. Each person’s journey in this world is different and I feel we are burdened keeping in mind our level of endurance. Especially love; “my nights in an oblivion-obvious pause”..❤️


  5. I idea of line breaks becoming more than that– a pause in the night. I particularly liked : “resting against the hollow of
    my ache.”
    Also, I like how you used line breaks in this poem.


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