a sense of disbelief —

people pleasing people,
shadows falling a-p-a-r-t
in their own figurative voids

make for an entirely new
picture, atypical of agonies,
realized but not really felt.

whiteness doesn’t scare me,
lights measure my body mass
and frequency of my beats.

the ground shakes, angles
come down, and i learn to
belie that very disbelief and

know, inhaling is vital for this
and every other moment
to pass.


© Anmol Arora 2018

Image source (Deep Inhalation Of The Cosmic Breath Painting by Ganesh Bhat)
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12 thoughts on “disbelief

  1. Rommy Driks says:

    This feels like a big gasp of air, of groping towards something, anything knowing that even if it is painful to breathe, at least the subject is still breathing.

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  2. This Poem makes me believe that in spite of everything, we still have reasons to believe and to keep in breathing. In spite of some popular exclusive beliefs, white contains all the colors. A good reason to not fear it

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      • I always think of a blank slate as black, like in the old blackboards we stared at as children. But I can see your point as well. That’s the thing about blank slates – it is always ready to be written upon! Sometimes it takes bravery and other times, it just takes a piece of chalk.


  3. There is something about breathing–especially in the act of taking in that first breath–that reminds us that the complexity that is living starts with seemingly simple steps. First we inhale, then… we are ready for whatever might come.

    I really love this one.

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