death of a kiss

unearthed trinkets of lust
taken by my lips —
bitten —

bitumen of the roads left
behind —

quick-quirky-beats rise quickly
like moon-quivering-tides.

drink one on me, through me,

as i

taste the memory of your
kitschy kiss,
hear a silver sun’s silence,
left undisturbed,

ululating — dying.

© Anmol Arora 2018

For dVerse Quadrille # 64
Image source (An interesting reproduction and interpretation of Klimt’s The Kiss)

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21 thoughts on “death of a kiss

  1. Challenging juxtaposition of a “silence left undisturbed” which falls so naturally on the heart marrying tonality and meaning, followed “ululating” a formal unfamiliar word preceding the dying. The howling ritualistic howling in ululating feels like a professional mourner – dramatic, rhythmic, draws attention to itself, and feeling, as a contrived professional mourner might, specious in contrast to the silence that seems to encapsulate the true emotion of the loss, but this does not detract from the poem, but rather frames the strong longing found in the quiet grief of the silence all the more.


  2. Stunning, Anmol! So much to praise in this poem, starting with those ‘unearthed trinkets of lust’ and the wordplay of bitten and bitumen. I love the sounds in:
    ‘quick-quirky-beats rise quickly
    like moon-quivering-tides’.
    and ”kitschy kiss’,


  3. Pat: willow88switches says:

    you’ve really gone to town with this word play, and clever use of poetic devices – which, for such a brief word burst, could be over the top – but not here; your pointed choice of line breaks and stanzas draws breath for us to stop, and savour the feelings, the images painted, before moving on –

    there is nothing stale or stagnant here, in these words – they are a song on the tongue and in the mind – well done HA – a quirky but quick-bite reflection 🙂


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