a rekindled fire


a fire-play —

temptation, orange, blue,
many dawn colored hues,
rise with its remaining sighs
before my shuttered eyes,

gate-crashing the portal for
a bite-sized world,

lives enmeshed, unfolded
and tread upon, within
a singular blanket
of agony, of warmth.

days rising and setting
(the sea abounding
calmness) —

one page folded, two picked apart
to take control over the command

for a rekindled fire — scarlet,
sinful, still,

in tomorrow’s land –
singing my hair to a crisp,
narrow-tread – spiraling
higher and higher.


Some obtrusive rhyme there — I still feel awkward using them unless in a form. I have admired Ferlinghetti’s usage though; would try to be less out-there next time. For now, it works for me.
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20 thoughts on “a rekindled fire

  1. sanaarizvi says:

    My goodness this is good! ❤ The first stanza alone portrays a shade of moodiness and offers a hint of mixed emotions. Temptation is akin to fire, the nearer we dare to step the greater its consequences; but then again mistakes (and lessons learned) are what mold us into the person we are meant to be. 😊

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    • I am glad that you found the images captivating. Imagery is such a wonderful tool to convey the mood and the tone, perhaps being so apparent that it sometimes reveals more than what is intended.
      Thank you for your kind feedback, Carrie. ❤


  2. Pat: willow88switches says:

    one page folded, two picked apart
    to take control over the command

    for a rekindled fire — scarlet,
    sinful, still,

    ~ I really like this part – actually, I like the whole thing together – but these lines, really stand out for me – especially the pages …. like trying to piece something from one, and then realizing in so doing, you’ve created two – sometimes, monsters, sometimes something of immeasurable beauty –

    it’s kind of like watching fire burning – it has to consume itself in the hottest of colours, which is the pure blue – which has so many spiritual connotations as well … as a colour – anyhow … but you need the complimentary heat too –

    so this is a swirling poem of colours, fire, sensations, and smoke for the haze and yet punctuated with moments of stunning clarity ….

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    • Duplication and multiplication can be a double-edged sword too — it may provide a way out or pull you further in.
      It is through the haze that some things become apparent, something that we have missed out in the brightness of the light. I am thinking of a fire that burns itself to nothing, just ashen remains to be blown away, with no trace left. That’s how a word is, how a pain is.

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Pat. Your interpretation is always interesting. ❤

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      • Pat: willow88switches says:

        yes, that is precisely it – but then, most things in life, when you finally come to understand them, contain the double-edged sword …. but perhaps, the release comes from time in understanding, that everything is of a dual nature, or has the potential to be so, and labels don’t matter – in the end, it all cycles and recycles and continues; nothing is static; stasis technically can’t exist – it’s for the holding on that we create or co-create blocks, problems etc. And yet something always comes again, rises anew, from ashes, and dust.


  3. Rommy Driks says:

    I agree that the word flow has the feel of fire – there’s something dynamic about the way you structured it and the way the distinct images flicker from one thing to another that puts one in mind of a crackling and shifting flame.

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  4. mhmp77 says:


    lives enmeshed, unfolded
    and tread upon, within
    a singular blanket

    in such a situation it impacts on others freely to engage them in common matters presumably!



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