downward and low,
an opinion hanging

by the whiskers of their mouth, they all have
to say and demonstrate this or/and that,
keeping in store lopsided voices to
commemorate their oh so mighty wisdom,

i am giggling to myself, humble in
my own obtrusive opinion, filling
circles with cascading blue ink, drawing
eurythmic patterns of scutoids that form
the epithelium of this marriage —

the lofty union of art with garb-age,
a tirade of the song against poetry,

and i am still giggling, misguided in my
undernourished appetite for newness,
a well-rounded change for the worse, if not
on a revitalized road to salvation.

my locomotive-like scattered brain goo
gone off the tracks of an atemporal
listing, and i am giggling and giggling,
and they are oh-opinionating,
all for a single prose,

i am no screenwriter drawing storyboards,
i am a single founded, mutually admired myth
posturing for a life figure —

the so-called youth gone wayward, loosening
the coils of their and my very own time,
in a self-congratulatory realm of


Image source: Screwfizzer Painting by Simon Birch
For MLM Menagerie’s Wordle # 206. Also linking it up with the Tuesday Platform at With Real Toads.

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18 thoughts on “opinion

  1. the epithelium of this marriage

    Could be the greatest line I have ever seen

    I am so glad to see you at the prompt and sometimes we just have to laugh at the absurdity of life and the absurdity and sometimes hypocrisy that is the human animal

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    • priscillaking says:

      I actually find that line confusing, though possibly meaningful. Epithelium, a layer of skin tissue, or epithalamium, a wedding poem?


      • Thanks for your input but the motif here wouldn’t correspond to a poem about a wedding.
        Epithelium i.e. the skin tissue and therefore the skin of this marriage, contextually relates to the face or protective barrier or a facade of this union of opinions, that disparages art and music and everything else as per the strictures of being complacent to one’s own individual believes, while also suggesting an opinion about those “beatific” opinion makers.

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  2. priscillaking says:

    Good luck to you, our wayward youth,
    May you discover the way of truth…

    (Whatever that may mean to you, at least you’ve inspired a song!)


  3. Thanks for that scutoids…. something new for me…it took me two or three readings to get myself to enjoy this poem….and now I giggle…about the world and the opinion obsessions….I like it when I can read something again and again….


  4. By the end of your second stanza, I began to grin… and yes, giggled… and, perhaps, roll my eyes a little at the image of the I-Am-All-Knowing-Souls who have my own barely controlled bursts of mirth. I know that we all have moments when, though the eyes of others, insufferable becomes our middle name. But… goodness gracious, for some this becomes an terrible art.

    Love the wordplay, “garb-age” made me chortle. I suspect that I will be saying aloud, every now and again… while giggling.

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  5. My faves:

    “the lofty union of art with garb-age”

    “and i am still giggling, misguided in my
    undernourished appetite for newness”

    Your writing is excellent. I get so excited when you post.

    Oh, and I love the way you let “o-pinions” hang by itself at the end.


  6. Pat: willow88switches says:

    I’m still sitting with this poem, and wrapping my head around it – not so much for the content, but for the phrasing, the images, etc. and well…. I am cheekily and softly giggling, and chuckling … at the nature of human foibles ….

    and I’m not going to add anything more … because I just like to sit with your words, and the paired images etc. Anmol – I find sensibility and a very soft sensitivity in them …

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  7. First, this was creatively penned. I love how you weave your words. But more so, I love the playfulness behind it… and what a timely read. I have just finished reading a quote from Antonio Gramsci regarding indifference and how the man hates those who do not take sides (or perhaps those who refuse to voice their opinions of pertinent matters).


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