dear, you…

back there, lights must have dimmed
to sorrow  –
have you, too?
dear, you…

i am okay  – all is as blue as it can be
quenching the brown of my eyes,

i love the red-white lighthouse,
bereft of tourists, amid the green,
i come here often
to find the pain of my solace,
of one kind  – the other kind
is left with you  –

sweet salt fumes linger on my lips,
the sea looks deep like loss, grains
of sand end up everywhere, like
the thought of you,

i am holding reins over
the beach or i will drown,
and building castles, and collecting
conch shells, and stark-white pebbles,

i will gather some for you, too.



For With Real Toads’ At the Seaside Challenge. The last sea I encountered was ruined by the urban mess of a metropolitan. That is not what I wrote about.
I instead remember the seas of Port Blair (2013) as I go about it – I went up that lighthouse on an island nearby only once and still, it left an impression on me. I was on my own, but for the blue expanse ahead and the green on all other sides.  The poem is fictional but that memory stirs these emotions in me – the palate of my thoughts turn to blue, grey and blood. Otherwise, I have no recollection of having written a postcard or a letter of this kind. What I had to write stayed within, brown and forlorn like my skin, not turned into the coherency of lines. If it were, it would have been something like this. And as fiction goes, it is never completely so. *winks*

*Also linking it up with Poetry Pantry at PU.

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25 thoughts on “dear, you…

  1. sanaarizvi says:

    This is beyond beautiful, Anmol! 💖 I can feel the waves of pain and loss.. the gentle pounding of bitter-sweet nostalgia especially here in this stanza; “sweet salt fumes linger on my lips”… such rich use of language and powerful portrayal of emotion. Unforgettable write 😊


  2. hypercryptical says:

    So rich a write Anmol – I was wonderfully lost in your words. Wonderful words of loss and longing. You took me there too.
    Anna :o]


  3. mhmp77 says:


    Love the twist from the expected take of a crowded beach to that of thinking of a lone loved one, HA!



  4. MrsBednar says:

    One reason I love the “winter beach” as it means I often have the beach to myself. I like the idea of collecting the ocean’s treasures and hoping to collect some for someone dear to us…


  5. I so enjoyed this poem, HA, and the explanation that accompanies it. I especially love the lights that ‘must have dimmed to sorrow’ and the blue ‘quenching the brown of my eyes’, Lighthouses are such lonely places, even when visited by tourists, that they are well-equipped to offer solace. My favourite lines are:
    ‘sweet salt fumes linger on my lips,
    the sea looks deep like loss, grains
    of sand end up everywhere, like
    the thought of you’,


  6. First of all, I really like the title. Dear, you. Your poem has a universal and mystical feeling to it. The scene captures me, your poem takes me there.


  7. Luv the haunting mood of this piece in which is sorrow and longing dwell so easily
    Happy Sunday Anmol. Thanks for dropping by my Sunday Standay today



  8. I might be in love with this poem… quite possibly in lust, too (shhh! don’t tell), especially after reading your note. I love that the poem holds me by the hand and invites me to collect shells and pebbles, to love the quiet red-white lighthouse, to stay afloat with the speaker… to feel all those things that can be felt real, even if we well know that they haven’t being exactly like that (maybe).


  9. Susan says:

    I was yours from the first line:
    “back there, lights must have dimmed
    to sorrow –
    have you, too?”
    To answer that query took all the colors–the pain is of an untamed overwhelming sort, nothing as gentle as “dimming.” I have had to hold the reins tight. You have captured the cliff edge of loss with these words.


  10. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    A luscious poem, rich in sensory images, conjured up out of the poet’s imagination. Lovely, just lovely!


  11. How much feeling your words of loss evoked in the reader by this poem. It is so beautiful especially for those who a have lost a love and are struggling to understand why.


  12. beautiful use of language. the first lines already grabbed my attention from the start.
    it is more than just a poem about pain, it is also a poem about hope.


  13. Jim says:

    Ah, the letter in hope that it will be read. And convey, probably for the umpf time, make a small difference.
    Nicely written and composed, not coming on real strong, for sure not a passionate plea


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