a speculative turn of reality

Mapplethorpe - Flower with Knife

Robert Mapplethorpe, Flower With Knife, 1985 © Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation


sprigs and wigs go hand in hand
in this land of pedicured fantasies –

chocolate dreams waft out of bloody maries
(a proletariat comeuppance of the burgeoning

no one tastes the animal blood, no one the earth’s bounty,
hungry and drunkards are of one kind,

rainbows spiral out of control,
and kill millennials (aka aliens)
in their soft-cornered
tucked-in beds,

age reverses into itself,
time sticks to a legal quagmire –

murders’ divorce nullified, spoken of like Neverland
portobello treats,

this is the land of the forlorn and the free,
take a swig
and get going.


A relatively shortened piece for the Spec Fic poetry prompt at With Real Toads. As fictions are most often modeled after reality, so is this verse.

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12 thoughts on “a speculative turn of reality

  1. If the current news had a face, it would look like this poem: it would be drunk on… pretty much everything, its wig skewed (but pretending it sat perfectly, even handsomely), almost all its maries would be bloodied (some screaming, in pain or/or outrage), “free and forlorn” and moving towards an exit.

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  2. Ah, those alien millenials tucked into their soft little beds, safe from all the drunkenness of this bitterly corrupt now.
    this is the land of the forlorn and the free,
    take a swig
    and get going

    Yeppers. Drink the koolaid, move along, nothing to see here

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  3. Kerry says:

    This is really well done! You have some astoundingly good phrases. I loved
    (a proletariat comeuppance of the burgeoning
    age reverses into itself.. That is brilliant.


  4. sanaarizvi says:

    Oh my lord! This is unbelivably potent. You describe perfectly the horrors shown on news everyday on television. Especially like; “chocolate dreams waft out of bloody maries.”


  5. What is so sad is the blindness of the majority to what is happening in so many countries world wide. In fact the world is being endangered by our neglect and by the extreme indifference to the future beyond our own. What generation has ever had such careless disregard to the world their children and grandchildren will live in? Sadly time is running out, the Earth is slowly dying and its people can’t bear the sight of each other as they try to make more money out of life than their neighbor.

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  6. Jim says:

    “Animal House” logic here, all the animals were equal but some became more equal than others. Stain had cars and cars, as did Brezhnev, a collection and a personal train. Commoners were lacking bread, had empty shelves.
    I also like your line, “..no one tastes the animal blood,” I’ve not eaten rare meat but I wondered.


  7. hypercryptical says:

    This is our world Anmol, unfortunately.

    Those with tightly closed eyes, those who are blind to what they refuse to see, sleep soundly in their soft-cornered tucked-in beds, and I guess we all do to some extent.

    Tomorrow is with us, disguised as today – and it scares me.

    Anna :o]


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