i am smelling secrets


not that you need to know
but would you like to know a secret?

it’s the curiosity of the unknown that
betrays your smile,

…ha ha…

it’s funny, no?

it was a morning, a dusk at dawn
when he walked alone on the sky
leaving a trail of forlorn vapors,

I knew that it was him, with his
usual tardiness, with ill begotten
terms of endearment, and sly words
whispered beneath the cloak of

it was an evening, an enraptured death,
there was the usual sweat in the wind,
and I was walking down the memory lane,
when the wrinkled leaves swept by us,

“Why would you do this to yourself?” he asked,
and I said, “Why… that’s a secret”.

secrets are the aesthetic of our society wherein
the secret lies in the fact that secrets are not kept.

it’s funny, no?

not that you need to know,
would you, would you like to keep a secret
and hold it to your bosom, hide it in the folds
of your desires, because what else would you
hold so dear?

and would you promise to keep it,
by smearing your blood on my lips,
by flipping a coin, by caressing
the calluses on my feet?

there are skeletons in the closet
with a perplexed smile, mold has
taken hold of them and lies grow
instead of skin in its pale sheen.

it’s funny, no?

Image source

For Poets United Midweek Motif


15 thoughts on “i am smelling secrets

  1. No. It’s ironic and unfair, as you capture so well! Why do we romanticize this in society and in our fondest movies of vampires, images of those who cannot help secrets and lies–and those who cannot help admiring them? I’m not saying we shouldn’t believe in God and Love and other Mysteries–just that some unknowns smell of havoc and mold and torture and abuse and we could learn help each other stop flirting with them. Grr. But what a marvelous and seductive poem.


  2. Secrets do lead to lies and we don’t always smell them. Our society’s aesthetic – secrets and lies. Wow. You have said so much in this poem. Very cleverly expressed.


  3. The value of a secret is in its trading power. They are given away freely in spite but for love that is another matter you might be the winner!


  4. Those last two verses are a wonderful conclusion to the tension built up here and the images very striking – sense memory is powerful..sometimes more so than words


  5. Your poem is very haunting, HA! It carries so much deep philosophy, and the ending was a killer. I really liked this part:”secrets are the aesthetic of our society wherein
    the secret lies in the fact that secrets are not kept.”, so much to ponder upon, but I just can’t shake of the emotion that the last 3 parts, including the repeated line, left in me. Very powerful write.


  6. How is it that we most often tell secrets to the people most unworthy of hearing them and unable to keep the confidence… Perhaps it is their duplicitous smile, their dimpled cheek or their funny little giggle, or their wicked charm and tow-faced wiles… Well-penned!


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