when attention demands tension

and by the virtue of a dying god,
I laid open some old thoughts,
and assassinated each one


the blood spurred on my face, the
fates danced in my dreams, I saw
a night so young and delectable,
that I ejaculated my venom, rubbing
against its folds, my heart stung,

it’s a morning of blossoming
shades, lilac and violet, that I enclose

in my arms,

the winds whip my hair gently, the sun consumes
my face by its silent glare, fuchsia rings adorn my
brown cheek, and I decide that it is time to sleep-

my face upheld by the strings of the sky, mouth open
for hovering bees – there’s a certain kind of violence in it.


A fragmented and anxious piece for Day # 7 of my 30 Days, 30 Poems Challenge.

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16 thoughts on “when attention demands tension

  1. Undeniably the opening line is heavenly – i love the explosion of colour..the sweat..the dreams..the worry and then the soothing lilac and violet..sometimes nights are like that but still we (hopefully) get up.. and face the world as if all is bright and simple…i suppose those who know – know too


  2. I love vivid depiction and the transition between the seemingly quite violent dreams and the morning tranquility, with “blossoming shades, lilac and violet….”


  3. a wonderful fantasy and the idea at the root, beautiful colors in words and art, also, more important for me – the contrasts in your poem, sudden tranquillity after the storm of feelings and colors….very nice.


  4. This is an interesting piece of writing and I was thinking sometimes we need to release old thoughts so new ones can take shape. It reminds me of leaving an old life behind so a new life can breathe. It is nice to read your thoughts again HA.


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