where silence stays

on stilts, I walk through the haze where silence stays,
there’s a trail of blood I follow towards the night, where
words are without sound and only the shrieks are heard,
another one is hunted, another one is sighing in arms
of death which comforts better than the living can do,

a body is found in the swamp of ignorance, indifference,
his lips are sealed with a long needle of fear, a remnant
of a thread hanging by his lower lip, in an eternal wisp
of a smile, I tug at it to open, hear the words of the dead.

I ache to know what is in silence, amid the numbing noise
of an inhumane blow, of a machete, of a piercing bullet.


I wrote a piece for the prompt at dVerse last night but careless that I am, I forgot to save it and ended up losing it. It was oddly melancholic for me because I was satisfied with my words for the first time in months. Today, I tried writing again(in long hand to minimize the risk of losing my words yet again) to raise my voice with all others at dVerse Poetics, in favour of freedom of speech and expression, and against all forms of censorship and forced silence. This piece is not a political commentary; just based on the idea of how I feel for those who dare to speak.

Image source: Low Haze at Dusk by Elaine Jones

19 thoughts on “where silence stays

  1. What a powerful write, specially the second stanza ~ Can we hear the words of the dead man or just silence of the inhumane blow ~ One of your inspired pieces HA ~ Cheers ~


  2. I am sorry you lost the first poem. This one is powerful, passionate and speaks the truth. The silence shouts for justice and peace. May you have both.


  3. Glenn Buttkus says:

    As poets, scribes, writers, we can count on some of our words surviving us, becoming the words of the dead, the dialogue of history. My modus is to always write in longhand first, & to save the document every time I pause, or leave the computer. Blue penciling comes first with pen, then later with the word processor. Powerful piece, sir; thanks.


  4. dang…pretty intense piece..and a nice build of the tension in this as well….the stilt wading into the fray…following the blood…the body in the swamp of ignorance makes the greatest statement to me…is the silence worth it…does it really help? maybe if we could silence the pain…and not just ignore it…


  5. What a powerful write (and imagine the one that was lost…) The chilling part of a sealed lips is especially haunting.. the way that voices that are not liked should be quenched is chilling.. Lot of nice embedded rhymes and cool rhythm make this a great piece


  6. It’s so frustrating when we lose documents like that!

    There are many nuances in this and you evoke a strong response on my part. A line that really struck me: a body is found in the swamp of ignorance, indifference,


  7. I’m so sorry that you lost your original…I know the feeling of which you speak…I’m glad that even through that you rallied and wrote it again…it is powerful and ethereal…the portion about, “hearing the words of the dead,” striking. Excellent writing.


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