humor me

humor me
by tying me up good
when we pass the sirens’ lair,
awaken me by your clairvoyance
as night ends.

a morning
begins with smile on
her illumined face as she
drinks the sunshine to become a star
going away.

laughing moon
glares at me again
to warn of the deep silence
that has broken down glass mirrors of

she has left
a note of goodbye
which invites the noise inside
where my bones lay fragmented into
naive splinters.

gloom sees me
and I see people
leading lives of dead humor,
they see me too when she uncloses
her dark eyes.


Written in consideration of dVerse where Mr. Tony Maude has prompted everyone to write modified cinquains, by adding one more syllable to every line.

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22 thoughts on “humor me

  1. Well …

    you’ve obviously enjoyed writing these. The first one is certainly attention-grabbing … smiles.

    Thanks for joining in; I’m being shown that this form has real potential by the talented dVerse poets … smiles


  2. oo…i esp like that third one with the laughing moon….the note and shattered bones one is quite evocative as well amnol…you did really well with the form…and the range of emotions throughout…


  3. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Wow, you ain’t afraid of any new form! Impressive use of Tony’s prompt, & perfectly suited balanced against the illustration you used. I, four, like the lines /as she/drinks the sunshine to become a star/going away/; excellent job, Anmol.


  4. You have come up with a nice set here. My favorite is the laughing moon. I like to look up into the sky and think of the moon as being delighted. I hope that breaking down the glass mirrors of deception is a good thing!


  5. “uncloses”…I think that’s something that I love about poetry…the freedom to bend words to suit a need…and your word says so much more than merely saying “opens”.


  6. And you just came up with them like that, off the cuff? Wow! Liked the Ulysses link in the first and the last one also spoke to me a lot, but there is a seriousness and yet playfulness about all of them.


  7. I love the idea of the sirens functioning in our daily lives and wonder who could tie us to the pole, who could relaese us, if we have not the discipline ourselves. Very fine poem!


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