This Hunt

nearing night, a shadow falls
into the uncomplicated arms of
twilight, the sun still sets,

there is a dark smile of an angel
that descends into a flood
submerging all the air, into

you extinguish the flame, by
a flick of your wrist, I sit
in the womb of a couch,
feeling for a tentative touch
to relinquish all desire.

a breath transcends when you
look at me like a fierce lion,
waiting for the right second to
pounce, and smear your paws
with my blood, and into the moon
eclipsed by a shadow of this hunt.

A shadow of transfixed and
curved delight.


At With Real Toads, Grace introduces us to the verse of the Mexican poet, David Huerta. Inspired from his writing and using one of his lines(translated by Mark Schafer), I wrote a few words. This is at best a first draft.
Linking it up with Poetry Pantry at PU as well.

Art by Karen F. Rose


25 thoughts on “This Hunt

  1. I cannot understand ..perhaps it’s just me that you would say at best this a first draft?! All of it particularly that first stanza, I found enticing to read. Don’t put your work down Anmol, for I see this as beauty.


  2. You truly and eloquently found your own way into that “shadow of transfixed / and
    curved delight.” The first two stanzas are my faves–such a wonderful evocation of mood.


  3. Dark smile of the angel, I like the menace of the hunt ~ The shadow in the ending gave this a twist in character ~ I admire your interpretation very much ~

    Thanks for participating HA and wishing you happy weekend ~


  4. This is a very sensual sort of hunt! With many reversals on expectation that are quite clever–the arms of twilight is a beautiful line, and so many that follow–thanks HA. k.


  5. nice contrast between the desire and danger…
    this other seems all powerful…to douse the light with a flick of the wrist
    and then the last couple lines bring out the pleasure of such a hunt as well…


  6. Kerry O'Connor says:

    This is great poetry. The scene unfolds at just the right pace. I thought the second last stanza was particularly remarkable and the conclusion is perfect.


  7. I agree both with the comments above and the writer’s need to “tweak” ones work into perfection. I tend to do this all the time. Woe betide those who have a second visit and find the poem changed!


  8. Quite the moment of clear desire within this, and excellent use of the line from the “Fruit” poem. It is neat to see the differences between two responses in a single poem.


  9. You really nailed here the mood and the focus Huerta seems to project in his love poems, of love as a desperation of the senses which it is futile to control and alarming but necessary to absorb, interpret, become. I love especially the lion look, and the dark angel that descends ‘into a flood.’


  10. The mystery and delight mixing here with magic suppressed passion….what will happen next – between shadows and twilight…. I appreciate the composition of poem~ penned masterfully!


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