Swallowed by Self

Pablo Picasso- Facing Death

a pseudo thought lulls the mind,
(a plausible artifact of decadent body)
release of reason, of ground reality,
I am the man of flair, a jackal
to create chaos out of this order.

I’m struck with a unison of doubts,
flogging the rope of struggle, I
am a hostage to light, to dark,
I have an erection of infirmities,
I lick gravel down my falling feet.

there is that verity shoveled down
my throat, bound by the cable of
dexterous dreams asphyxiating me,
hanging by the arch of a house of
callous cards, still swirling that
thought of misery, enclosing me
from my own voice, I thus grieve.


Linking it up with World # 42 at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie.


6 thoughts on “Swallowed by Self

  1. This reminds me of all who fall within the grips of any kind of dementia.
    Seeing family members go through this state is something to grieve.

    I also played with this prompt but went in perhaps an expected direction?


  2. I thought initially that ‘an erection of infirmities’ was a too much image until I read on. You have dealt with the issue with a great sensitiveness within the bounds of the words you had to use. Well done HA.


  3. Agree with Bjorn–a super strong poem–many wonderful lines–an erection of infirmities is my favorite perhaps,but a long of strong ones. And I love the Picasso. I’ve seen it before–it is a fabulous painting and great choice. Thanks. k.


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