a story circles seeking an end

the rise and fall of a dog’s paws as it leaps

through the night, beneath the chill settling

on the shoulders, the summer drawing to

a close, an ending of all that enraptured

my thought, the fire extinguishes again in

the pinch of my thumb and forefinger, time

seems to be turning on my path again, I

can smell its perfume, a plot of my dreams

a movie seen on the TV one lone morning

the past tingles my skin and I wink, repeat

the steps once traversed, crumbling beneath

soon the land will run out and a trench formed

and a true end that be, the black dog heaves,

my feet take me to places unknown (yet known)

ubiquitous eyes trace all that happens, that is,

the fates die by my touch, diffusing into the blurs,

I turn into an Effigy, the moon howls, dreams sleep


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The writer has the right to tell his tale in symbols.The reader has the right to see through those symbols as a part of his own tale.

8 thoughts on “a story circles seeking an end

  1. Beautiful and at the same time, lonely write, HA. I also love how you put it at the end regarding the symbolism and the relationship between the poem the poet and the reader.


    • Thanks, Oloriel. It is quite peculiar that I received your comment just after when I had opened your blog, meaning to check if you have posted anything in the last two weeks. 🙂 Looking forward to reading your latest piece.


        • I think that it would indeed be lovely if the fates devise such a meeting.
          I feel that there is sadness only in thought. It can be shunned if only for a while, and that is when the miracles come alive. Do not mind me. Somehow, the late night has awakened the “hopeless optimist” in me.


  2. First on your sentiment at the end.. I think truly that any poem is created when it’s read.. (with the guidance of the poet) so much along my sentiments…the image you create for me (especially with the black dog) is a loneliness that’s close to despair.. really a poem that hurts a little to read.


  3. From the dog jumping through the night to the smell of burn, this is a poem that describes a difficult place to be in–hard to feel that desolation; effectively described. k.


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