Battered by my belief, I am whole alone

to get a glimpse of attraction,

that fickle-minded monster that

makes the days miserable, wants

to have a piece of congenial love,

how pitiful is the plight of heart

that gets scorched in the sun of

ignorance, how wretched am I

to try to take things from time

which is not mine, never was

a friend(or not) yesterday evoked me

with words such that substantiates

things I had taken not into account

“A, we always leave you alone and

you do not mind”, I am battered, lost

by the treachery of my belief, my will

to breathe the winds of the company

but tis’ not in my fates, I am frugal, whole

the way I am: plain, sane, full of disdain


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9 thoughts on “Battered by my belief, I am whole alone

  1. I resonate with this. I’ve had a troubled past and was told time and again to “stop looking for attention.” I was just looking for someone to understand me. It led me to make some decisions whigh turned out to be all wrong and left me more lonely than ever.
    There was some relief to discover that I have an actual mental illness and to begin treating it so I don’t act so impulsively and desperately. However, that discovery has had consequences of its own. I often feel as though I really and truly don’t belong in this world.
    I’m the author of the Octopus poem from your recent prompt. 🙂


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