I stumble and slip by words, we DaNcE

I’ve got to buy a black tie, a shoe or two,

my off-white shirt hung on steeped lines of mind

and my factitious face is to be blurred so I could

be a stranger amid the strangers of words

and sneak my anonymity into the festivity


will you dance with me tonight?

I would hold you, lead you but we would as much fall,

I stumble through rhymes, I slip through rhythm,

a mellow hand can walk me across the room

to the out where the moon shines and stars make a queue


will you… will you hold my hand tonight?

I will burp after a huge serving of delight

brought forth by the luminescent phantoms,

let me twirl around like a swan, let me

shake my waist of rusted verse, let me dance


will you abjure structure for me tonight?

come, let us walk to the antediluvian tide of time

where I slither through your hands like wet soil,

that should be the end, the vessel of life

I leave to you, take a sip and make a move


a poem infused in my vein, a drug-induced sleep

I never wake up, or if I do, I am still naked

devoid of diction, I smother my earnest arms

while feathers of summer float down the sky in shards

and I blow like a balloon along the breeze that lasts


For dVerse, where the celebrations are plenteous and the dance is going on.

Image source: 10 Hairy Legs’ Scott Schneider in Julie Bour’s “The Blind Men and the Elephant”. Scenic Design: Benjamin Heller. Photo: Steven Trumon Gray.



29 thoughts on “I stumble and slip by words, we DaNcE

  1. ha. love the movement in this…and i will be there for you tonight….perhaps we will share a burp over the banquet table…ha….i can never force the rhythm…it is what is…i just let the music take me away…the vessel of life…i think i might just take a sip of that myself…

    see you this eve amnol


  2. oh nice…i like the mood of this…and i’m totally in for a dance…that is going to be a fun night and hmmm all the delicacies from around the world… see you later..


  3. That will indeed be some wonderful dance, I think — a lot of us stumbling through rhymes and rhythms….and I bet there will be a lot of poets out there watching the moon!


  4. Glenn Buttkus says:

    The great thing about partying with poets is judgements are left at the door with the umbrellas; hell, I will dance with you, little brother, & we will do a chest bump after while having a burp-off.
    Love the festivities & the company!


  5. Thank you. What a beautiful way to join the celebration. Love your images and choice of words. I’m a little shy, so I’ll be the one burping softly, and covering her mouth.


  6. I shall line up with the others to hold your hand and dance through words or otherwise. You do not have rusted verse my friend, this is simply beautiful. I am so enjoying your poetry anmol. I woke this morning and read this, your title captivated me as have your words. LOVE THIS! Hugs and many smiles for you writing this for us.


  7. WELL..HA TONIGHT i will be dancing with a FULL TRIBE OF COLLEGE STUDENT IN RAVE DANCE STYLE..YES..ME at 54..and them in their early twenties..and hell yes i will dance with ya2..as any dance of life..is one i enjoy with others..it is the spirit that counts..not the two step or three! it’s always FREE TO DANCE..NO MATTER EFFECT OF WHAT COMES NEXT!


  8. Don’t blow into the lake — at least not until our dance is done – would you prefer a formal dance, something like a Paso with it’s bull and cape, or rhumba swaying to the breeze the blows the Cypress? Or perhaps a waltz down the terrace steps among the sculptures while the ghosts of artists spy on us and gods and goddesses grow moon-green with envy, or something more sedate – like the Medici danced – in lines, minuets, before they tore their corsets off and got to where the real power lay. I’ll be waiting in the maze, my masque has a heart on its cheek 🙂


  9. nothing wrong with stumbling, we have all done our fair share. while you shake off rusted verse, I thought to dust off remnants of verse from the long journey to the ball.

    I like the image of you as a balloon being carried off on an endless wind. lovely verse.


  10. Great writing here–I’m not much of a dancer, but there is so many similarities between dance and poetry. Great combination of images!


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