hey poet, I would like to walk with you

I was hollow, still am if you prod my vocabulary

to pinpoint that sensation when I desert the words

or do they me, the time is my solemn constabulary

and shields my malady I tell of, or so you’ve heard


how you see my silver stories, filled cups of caffeine,

I cherish yours for they have a linen white reality

thou art a poet, I am a subjective grain seldom seen,

it was a dire dare that made me relinquish my sanity


I am a sentimental sucker, I suck blood red lollipops

to keep me company, I would like to walk with you

you don’t know me but I encroach upon, I shop

for a locket of learning in creative world you drew


I seal a numinous bond with your words, your poetry,

a stubborn in-patient, would you empathize with me?

I wilt within the blanket, my knees sing of coquetry

no grudge, no love, observing, I sail in waves of glee


and I think to revere you poet of old, I shall holler

that I receive from all that you touch with your color


For MLM Menagerie’s Wordle # 17 and dVerse, where the odes/tributes to the poets flow out  today.


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24 thoughts on “hey poet, I would like to walk with you

  1. ha. we get to walk with them a bit in their words…but there are def some poets i would love to walk with…to talk with…to hear beyond the words…how they think…and interesting comparison between you and them…you are def a poet amnol…and this is a wonderful piece and ode…perhaps one day we will walk…and maybe have a coffee together…


  2. Oh anmol, this is simply wonderful. As Brian said, you a poet dear friend. This is new favourite of mine. I fell into your words, truly, I love this. How great would it be if all the WP Poets could meet, walk and talk together.


  3. …to receive from all that you touch with your color…i love the idea of walking with them…side by side…soaking in those words, the atmosphere, spirit…. ah… the inspiration of our fellow poets… it is awesome, isn’t it…


  4. Cleverly done – not just a description of you as a poet, but also how you revere other poets. And do I detect a touch of awe and hero-worship there? I know I’ve felt like that when I did get to talk to poets at conferences… unfortunately, I go all shy and say something really inept.


  5. A sonnet (that acts like an ode [mine is not a proper ode but I named it that]). This is gorgeous, real, you, so many phresh phrases, cool jewels, so tempting to take a walk, drink a cuppa, climb a tree, draw a bird, race a rhyme with you my friend. Such a pleasure to find you between the vowels!


  6. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Like brother Bjorn, you ain’t afraid of no sonnets; your words so clever, so engaging, the form never got in my way, never really identified itself; just became a vessel, a vehicle for your fine word necklace, your feast for both fools & wizards; enjoyed the ride, the shape, & the message as tribute; thanks.


  7. ” …thou art a poet, I am a subjective grain seldom seen,
    it was a dire dare that made me relinquish my sanity …”

    Thank the darer, thank the one who took the dare up and thus expands the numinous possibilities. Poetry is divine: its in us and it surrounds and contains us. How can we not walk therein, sometimes with one another?



  8. Anmol, I like this a lot. I do think the poets of old are to be revered, but it is the poets of the blogosphere that I most feel a bond with and would most like to walk.


  9. Through our online connections, I believe we walk with one another in our own way, sometimes the path is short, sometimes it is much longer. In any case, I always appreciate your words and support.


  10. every time I read something (including this lovely piece here), I feel as though I am walking beside someone who sees the world in lights and shadows I can only ever hope to understand. a very well written piece.


  11. You’ve given me a beautiful lense to experience poetry through, Anmol. It’s clean line are both dynamic and aesthetically pleasing. Absorbed this line in my heart immediately:

    “….I shop

    for a locket of learning in creative world you drew”


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