I think I cawed at the crow today

I saw a crow today, he sat

upon a dish antenna

singing to his self his melancholy,

looking hither-thither, to find

a lost comrade or may be it is

just his proclivity,


my eyes fixated at his actions

he never looked at me, not a single while

but I resolved myself to the spot

thinking that if I stand for long

he would glide and come sit atop

my shoulder, or may be it was

just a proclivity of my mind


nevertheless he took his flight

never was a flight so entrancing,

not that of a peacock, not a koel,

not even an eagle,

and I think he prided himself

in his beauty: his disparity,

and that of my own


Written on 3 July’2014.

Oil Painting by Vanessa van Eyk

7 thoughts on “I think I cawed at the crow today

  1. smiles….crows are quite ominous to me…though i see them quite often…always such probing eyes…so the last couple lines of this play very nicely, in light of that…


  2. Crows somehow maintain their dignity even when scavenging for rotten scraps. In any case they serve a purpose to cleanse what others abhor! And you’ve rendered it very well anmol!



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