Awakened: A Very Short Story

To bury my hands in loose soil, so to conceal them and embrace estrangement, was a choice. It is always a choice, only brought about by a fate that leaves you skeptical about the spirit of human.

I have a furtive understanding with those in my surroundings, which was not there earlier. And now when I meet them, they know that unlike them, I have many worlds colliding with each other. And sometimes I am in their realm and at other times, I am hollow when I am somewhere lost in the worlds of my own making.

I visit them quite often now, if not in my physical self but then, as a reminiscence, clinging to a wall as they sit and talk, unaware that the sun faces another eclipse.

“He is a Ravana with the ten heads,” they articulate. I cackle, my 320 teeth glinting in moonlight.


Linked up with VisDare 65. It has been a while since I last participated in a VisDare prompt and it is good to derive inspiration from this amazing photograph.

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9 thoughts on “Awakened: A Very Short Story

  1. Oh my, enjoyed this very much. Very deep, weirdly whimsical and relatable, but also carries with itselg, with the images and proclamations a solitary sourness.


  2. i hear you…i have times i go off to my own world….when i put hands to the earth it is to feel the connection with something greater than i….i feel you too in that hollow place…i know it too…smiles.


  3. you paint such a felt imgage here… and it happens to me as well sometimes… being physically in a certain place doesn’t mean that you’re really there with your mind as well


  4. Well crafted – mysterious and evocative. The duality of his nature, his ability to shift between realities…it is most intriguing. So glad you joined the VisDare this week. Hope to see you join in again!!


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