round                        round


goes the ferris wheel round,

round, round, round

                bounce,                bounce,

bounce,                 bounce,

many many rides for you to bounce,


and thankfully, there is a crude

rod to keep us from flying around,

to keep a hold of us as we hoot,

shout, make fun of the other

behind the back and upfront

because it doesn’t matter

when you all are a little mad

and become a child, when you

arrive at the rocky ground

(hidden overall by green carpets)

and encompass in you the spirit

that shines through your eyes,

when the city fair comes oblige

you with the memories, and you

live them again, one last time

every time


I have had the opportunity to go for such “matargashti” only rarely. Its been about 4 years since the last time I went and enjoyed. I even mentioned it in a poem from November, All these ordinary days and this was the particular stanza:

and how to forget, the excursion to the city fair,

my reluctance, to climb onto the Ferris wheel,

all of those who accompanied me went, while

I waved to them, some had closed their eyes,

panicked, but still going on for the ride, and

the way I shivered in my bones and smiled-


Now we are all dispersed here and there lacking contact. I am trying to revive the communication with some of them because friends are important and you realize that only after:

  • you shoo them away
  • they ignore you
  • misunderstanding happens
  • you realize that you were never friends

And I want to realize that you are all my friends. So come on, talk to me so that I can add your name in my secret list. 😀

Matargashti: I don’t know a definite word in English to go with it. I tried searching out but I guess, it is one of those words which can not be definitely translated to English. Its meaning would be along the lines of being naughty(childish/kiddish), having fun and not doing anything of consequence.

I am linking it up with Poetry Jam, where the prompt focuses on festivities, fairs and exhibitions this week.

And tell me about your matargashtis? Or your experiences when you went to a fair or a carnival?


12 thoughts on “Matargashti

  1. I like the layout of your poem and the painting you chose, HA. I also like the tone that is bith playful and nostalgic.
    I am afraid of heights and so have never been on a Ferris wheel. I just look at them and think they are beautiful in the dark when they shine and turn.


    • Thanks. There is a small stadium area in my hometown and that is where the fairs are organized. And the condition of it is rocky and in one word: drastic. That is why they hide the entire ground area with green carpets so to hide it away. 🙂 Thus, the green carpets mean two different things to me.


  2. You captured the ferris wheel experience very well, HA. I remember those days of paying attention to those who are in front and behind. And, I think you are right, about each time you are on the ferris wheel you are back into your childhood again. Glad to see you here at Poetry Jam, HA!!


  3. ah you capture the magic of the fair and the rides in this amnol…and i love the word art you create in your creative spacing…..the playfulness…def makes me think of days i was there…..


  4. Laurie Kolp says:

    So visually appealing… the ferris wheel is scary. I don’t really care for the stopping at the top.


  5. Beautiful poem, and I love the playfulness in the form 🙂
    I love these, they are an addiction for me, if I sit, you aint getting me down 🙂 Unfortunately, we do not have them anymore, maybe once or twice a year when the big carnival is here.


  6. peggygoetz says:

    I enjoyed the spirit of this and the way you laid it out. I would say from your description that “matargashti” means something like “fooling around” or “hanging around” in English.


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