For the boy within me


too afraid to speak,

you must not be helpless,

nor shall I let you become me

because I belong to the same creed

as they have been, who channeled all

the thoughts to cross their mind, in words

branching out of their brain, and well they do

leave my material, beading into a wreath of mute

cicadas as my empathy for your cancer of speechless

tendencies, so chew over some of them to release essence

of the beastly shells, and gulp down all your emotions in poison

of my cheat, so you die


Linking it with Sunday Whirl’s Wordle 158.

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21 thoughts on “For the boy within me

  1. The power of speech isn’t just out loud..perhaps your strong words demonstrate this – it takes some time but we can take back the words that were stolen from us..


  2. wow!!! You know how to hit me and everyone else with your words of power! and visuals.

    I love this piece by you. 🙂

    I so missed reading you and everyone else is work. I’m officially back! and ready to blog once again. Stay tune I will make an announcement and my future poems of what’s to come. 🙂


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