Trespassing all the way|_|As Existence Glistens

trespassing through a body made up of

jungle leaves, water weeds, fossil prints,

I engender a whole history in me, of rock

archives of gullible paints, of guitar riffs

eternally hovering in layers of time, but


then I am a trespasser, just passing by

(though sometimes it seems like a very

long distance, and other times, it is

just so short, like an old pair of socks)

today I am, tomorrow someone else

who would make the skin crawl all over

once again, because cowardice is true

and nothing else, in this banana peel

that you slip over as if its your own life,

that you can hitchhike anytime, I do so

in my dreams finding the end in blood

(fearsome.. ain’t it.. what truth beseeches)


I crackle my pale nails of toes, of fingers

that wriggle like an alien creature but I am

as well, (remember) a trespasser,  through

life forms, through elements, so to burn

and drown, and ravaged by air, or buried

in the heart of the soil, and still existence

glistens as long as there is a color in me,

as long as I can draw lines, series of circles,

I stay forever, but never when my palette

goes dry, and then I’d whisper goodbye


For dVerse Meeting the Bar.

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19 thoughts on “Trespassing all the way|_|As Existence Glistens

  1. fascinating journey… goes well with the pic as well… love the body made up of

    jungle leaves, water weeds, fossil prints…. i like how you weave nature in and the old pair of socks made me smile… cool selfie..


  2. first, i love the title…ha…trespassing…the whole history in you….and i like how you bring out how we change as well…tomorrow will be different…how existence still glistens no matter the circumstance….cool response man…


  3. Glenn Buttkus says:

    One does not trespass within the husk that we inhabit, we be borrowers perhaps, borrowing a body, sinew songs, ligament lore, muscle memory–but perhaps we trespass on other landscapes nearby, on other emotions, on other lives; really wound me up; thanks.


  4. I like the idea of being viewed as a trespasser, interesting concept here HA ~ I also like the idea of glistening as long as there is color in oneself ~


  5. ..sounds frustrating ..I like the banana peel …life can be a slippery business and we have to adjust so much…now am curious about your story; enjoyed reading this.


  6. Madhura says:

    Existence glistens as long as there is color in me… and the last two lines are just awesome! I like looking at oneself as a trespasser, and the crackle of pale nails. You made me curious to know some more about you! Lovely self-portrait…


    • As hard as we may look, we tend to miss touching upon the speck we are, a lot of times. Everyday is a new day and everyday is a new search.
      To feel one with my whole self, my body is rare for me. 🙂


  7. create with palette i think life fully expressed as such..and the creative juices flowing..must always be replenished in whatever keep a he art together as one heart of life…


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